A Mad, Mad Giveaway – FREE Weber Grill and Mad Dog BBQ Sauce!

This is the biggest giveaway I’ve done to date.  This is a nice new grill to replace your ancient one, a second one for a gas grill companion, or a gift for a loved one)

We’ll have 3 Winners!

Grand Prize:

18 inch Weber Grill (One Touch Silver $70 value) plus 3 Mad Dog BBQ sauces  (Original, Ultra Hot, and Chipotle)

First Runner Up:

3 Mad Dog BBQ Sauces (Original, Ultra Hot, and Chipotle)

Second Runner-Up:

3 Mad Dog BBQ Sauces (Original, Ultra Hot, and Chipotle)

Thanks to David Ashley from Ashley Foods (maker of Mad Dog BBQ sauce) for helping with this.

To win, enter an interesting comment about:

  1. This website and how cool it is
  2. Dogs and how great they are
  3. Weber grills and how great they are

The best three comments will win.**

** Extra points to folks who get “social”

  • add a link to my website (www.bbqsaucereviews.com) from their websites
  • Tweet to your followers (and link to this site www.bbqsaucereviews.com)
  • Put up on your facebook page (and link to this site www.bbqsaucereviews.com)
  • Make sure to show proof of your activity in your comment (a link showing your tweet or link to BBQSauceReviews.com

Official Rules:

  • US only.
  • Best 3 comments are judged by me
  • Contest ends at midnight Friday January 14, 2011 EST
  • Results will be posted on this website by Sunday January 16, 2011 (after the Patriots beat the Jets)
  • Anonymous or spammy comments will be ignored/removed.
  • One entry per person, please.
  • Goth chicks and vampire-like guys are ineligible for this giveaway.

Good luck and start commenting… NOW!  (Hint: Click above, on the word COMMENTS in red)

Make sure you’re on my list if you’re not already, I notify via email and web all at the same time.

By the way, have you seen the new Mad Dog Labels?

Pretty cool – I will be reviewing the new flavor Chipotle soon.

The dog shown, Bear, reminds me of my dog Emma. Must have been a special dog.

Site Editor, BBQ Sauce Lover, Family Guy, Hi Tech Marketer by Day. He recently wrote the Ebook “How to Market Your BBQ Sauce” which can be purchased on this site.



  1. Alan Yost says:

    My brother has a dog named Bear. Interesting. I think that qualifies me for the main prize doesn’t it? This is a great site, I hope to one day get my own sauce made professionally (and reviewed here) so people can enjoy it with their weber grills! I’ve never tried Mad Dog sauce, bu I’m looking forward to winning a bottle to try.

    I hope that’s enough buttering up…

    Seriously though, this is a great site. Perfect resource when you are looking for a new flavor sauce to try.

  2. This is a great site, it’s too bad however, that the owner and reviewer of such said site has some seriously delusional thoughts regarding football. Billy Boy won’t be able to video tape the Jets this time around. So, when the Pattsies lose, does this mean there will be no winners Brian?? It is nice to know you will have a furry friend to help mend your wounds around 7pm Sunday (EST), and some terrific sauce to wash away your tears…….while I will await my new Weber grill to make a fantastic spread next weekend for the AFC Championship game with my bff ( best furry friend ) Harley using some Mad Dog BBQ Sauce.
    On a positive note, perhaps Bradilocks will finally lose the Beiber haircut. J E T S JET JETS JETS

  3. Downtown Matt Brown says:

    I have to turn you on to WHOMP from the Meat Mitch team, just thinking of that flavor makes me hungrier than a she-wolf with four pups a suckin!

    Great site!

  4. Dylan
    JETS SUCK… Pats will win 45 – 10! It’s going to get ugly for Rexie.

  5. Arty Podnos says:

    This site is really good as a reference point. Not only can you find your level of heat, but you can also get a sauce with the ingredients that you feel comfortable cooking with. Plus, it brings together dogs and barbeque….what’s better than that!!!

  6. JOHN BELLESI says:

    Thank you so much for this site, it has been a great way for me to decide what sauces to try on everything from chicken to pulled pork. Would love to win that Weber grill. I haven’t cooked on one in quite a long time, but have used one plenty of times. My father passed away back in 1982, many great memories sitting next to the weber and cooking chicken, burgers, and even smoking a turkey.

  7. Brian….put your weber where your mouth is….haha

  8. Great site, forget how I got here but my husband loves our dog Abby and BBQ’ing. This would be a great gift for him!! He has an older charbroil gas grill that he’s had for awhile.

  9. Two of the following three statements are true:

    • When I want to try a new BBQ sauce, I check BBQ Sauce Reviews first.

    • Jets fans are like dogs: fun, likable, humble and well-behaved.

    • When I was 22 years old, I hit a slot machine in Atlantic City for $1,000. The next day, I bought a Weber Genesis Platinum C…and my life has been full of grilled awesomeness ever since.

    http://www.facebook.com/CondimentBible (see Wall)

  10. Edie Allen says:

    This site is fantastic!! I am an aspiring sauce entrepreneur, and was thrilled to find a site dedicated to ‘all things sauce’. The ‘Promote your Sauce’ page is awesome – without a doubt I will be using that option! Rating the sauces is a great idea too. This website is a definite PLUS for me.
    Dogs are truly Man’s (or woman’s) Best Friend. They are always happy to see you, give completely unconditional love, and willing to go anywhere with you. Can’t beat that!
    Weber grills are the only way – in my opinion – to cook the best melt-in-your-mouth BBQ ribs. They are old school, but they work! I’ve had mine for over 10 years – have to retire it this year (unfortunately). I think they are the best, most portable, cook- whatever-you-want BBQ grills.

  11. A-I will tell you how cool this site is. Because of this site I, the newb, was able to beat my “bbq king” husband at a Backyard Bonanza between him and I. I won the coveted BBQ King Belt Buckle.

    B-Dogs are completely amazing, sometimes I feel that “amazing” is not a strong enough word. My 3 year old son loves being pulled around in the snow (we have a flat yard) and Artemis loves doing it. She is so careful with him. I can give her a lot of lead and she just trots around the yard with him giggling behind. When my son is done, because she could go forever, they go inside and cuddle up on the couch together. Their connection is amazing.

    C-Growing up, my dad had a weber that lasted forever and a day. I tried to tell my husband that we needed one and he opted to go for the charbroil and now that thing is falling apart and I am in dire need of a Weber for myself.

  12. Mojo and Oscar are my two Golden Retriever Lap Dogs. When they are not on the couch they guard my Weber barbeque. They know this vessel will eventually, usually on the weekends will heat up and bellow meat flavored smoke. When they see me with the carving board they know they will soon be getting a taste of some meaty morsels. My two doggies ask me to keep my eye on ‘Barbeque Sauce Review’ to search out new sauces. Mojo likes the hot barbeque sauces while Oscar prefers the sweeter sauces. They would be on ‘Barbeque Sauce Review themselves, but their paws are too big for the keyboard, so they guard the Weber while I cook the meat and look for sauces. They are happy dogs!

  13. Sandy Griffin says:

    Your site is unique because you do testing on products using a defined set of critera. It gives us an idea of what the sauce will really taste and if it is worth a try for us.

    I live and breathe BBQ sauce and want to learn all I can about what makes one better than the other.

    My first grill was a Weber. It was one of the little rectangle ones you can take with you everywhere and at the time the most affordable of the line up. My hubby was a PFC in the Army and I was 17, that was in 1970 as I remember it. I am talking a long time ago. It was the greatest grill ever even though it was small, it fit the bill. We were happy to be able to afford the darn meat to put on it in those days.

    Weber has only gotten better and better!

    My dog Molly, a springer has learned whereever the Weber is; is where she needs to be! She is an old dog but if something drops you would think she was a young pup and you had better get out of way, she will fight you for what was dropped. There is no 5 second rule only the Molly rule it is mine!

  14. Even though I am pretty new to the site I love it. I make my own sauces and love reading your reviews of other sauces, and hope to see my review on here one day! I love trying new sauces and would love to try these Mad Dog sauces! Also, a Weber Grill would be a great addition to my grills. I like doing it up for large groups of people and sometimes feel like my 2 grills aren’t enough and adding a third grill would help me kick it up a notch and I want and need a Weber to complete that!

    What bad can be said about man’s best friend? Making them apart of a bbq sauce name is even better!

    retweeted on both of my twitter feeds @mjdlsantos and @MikeDsBBQ
    it is also on my facebook page http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=630237796

  15. Kelly Ann T. says:

    This site is a wonderful source for all things sauce, and it is perfect for someone as saucy as me. At first I thought you were talking about hot dogs and as we all know the best dogs are at the games. Real dogs rock, I volunteer with St. Louis Samoyed Dog Rescue group, and I’m amazed at a dog who has been neglected and abused capacity to love and trust again. Humans can learn alot from a dog.

    My weber is 23 years old and it needs to be retired, since it was hit by a truck and bent, it still works, but it no longer stands up. A testimony to the durability of these grills.

    I tweeted and here is the link http://twitter.com/cstironkat/status/25425214686892032

  16. mad dog
    mad dog ultra hot
    weber 18
    weber 18
    hut, hut…..

    Brady checks down to Eelker for game winng TD vs jets

  17. for true live fire grilling, nothing beats a Weber. perfect heat retention, easy to control airflow, durable construction that lasts for decades…What more is there to say? I have four Webers that I use for barbecue competitions and another five of varying size on my back patio. If that doesn’t scream fan I don’t know what does!

  18. Well, I was looking for some info on a new BBQ grill for my husband and found your great website. He has kind of a hard time grilling these days because our two dogs are at his feet constantly – begging.

    Even when he’s done cooking they circle the grill a hundred times, nose to the ground, looking for something he might have dropped! We grill year round – no matter what the temperature. It’s never too hot or too cold to fire up the charcoal.

  19. Well, where to begin? I have two crazy dogs, crazy for the
    BBQ sauce. Beagle Bailey really goes for the North Carolina style
    vinegar sauce (go figure, a dog that likes vinegar), Pepe the
    chihuahua prefers a Texas style tomato based sauce. Whenever they
    want to share the same sauce they always come to BBQ Sauce Reviews
    to find one to try. Strangely enough they usually select a mustard
    sauce (you have no idea how hard it is to find Big Bob Gibson
    Backyard Mustard Sauce where I live). Having said all that, both
    Bailey and Pepe want to know if you’ve ever tried the mustard based
    sauce from Cotten’s BBQ in Jacksonville, FL? They tell me it’s the
    best EVAR. Oh, and I tweeted about your blog here
    http://twitter.com/ansonkennedy and I said something (good!) about
    you on Facebook but can’t figure out how to link it here.


    Excellent writing and creativity by everyone, but these few stood out!

    Runner Up and Winners of Mad Dog Sauce Sampler:
    1. SmokeInDaEye
    2. Tommy Russ

    Grand Prize Winner of a new Weber 18″ and Mad Dog Sauce Sampler:

    Smoke, Tommy, Anson:
    Please email me your full address to brian@bbqsaucereviews.com
    It would be great to have you come back to the site and share a pic of the sauce arriving or assembling the new grill..

    thanks everyone, lots more contests coming up.

  21. The big box was delivered today. I’ll post pics of the assembly and first grilling this weekend.


  22. awesome!

  23. Phillip Dacus says:

    I have yet to try this sauce, but Id like to. Good sauces are hard to come by, so I would have to try it before id buy some

  24. Hey!

    I braved the frigid weather today and had the first cook out on the new grill! You can see the pics here http://www.flickr.com/photos/ansonkennedy/sets/72157625764824257/ . I grilled burgers, lobster tail, and shrimp. Good eats!

    I tried the Mad Dog sauce on the shrimp. I was pleasantly surprised at how spicy the original and chipotle sauces were. And the ultra hot — wow!

    I also tried out the Denny Mike’s Sweet & Spicy Bah-B-Que sauce on the shrimp. It definitely goes very well with shrimp!



  25. Great stuff Anson,
    Thanks for posting the pics online for all to see. Those Mad Dog sauces sure can pack a wallop and the Denny’s was an impulse buy from Amazon that I decided to through in for fun.
    Happy grilling !!!

  26. Bradley Bice says:

    Come on….who let the dogs out? Mad Dog did. I have been a fanatic of Mad Dog for nearly 20 years. They not only make excellent hot sauces but tasteeeeee, too.

    I believe Mad Dog also doubles as an aphrodisiac. Everytime my friends, male or female, try this delicious sauce, they open their mouths, stick there tongues out and wave to their mouth. And they say every kiss begins with K…..every kiss begins with Mad Dog.

    If anyone ever finds out who let the Mad Dog out they deserve an Emmy (next door neighbor girl) and an Oscar (good friend of the family).

    Keep up the great work and look forward to more enjoyment of this fantastic product.

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