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Brian Henderson started BBQ Sauce Reviews in 2007 and has reviewed hundreds of sauces since then, and helped many small companies to reach a bigger audience.

In 2011, he was joined by Jay Prince as the BBQ Tech & Tools Writer who has built a great following as he’s reviewed dozens of grills, smokers, thermometers and tools.

In 2013, Brian judged the American Royal BBQ Sauce Competition.  The picture above is with the legend Ardie Davis, who started this competition many years ago!

In 2014, Brian launched the Saucekers – the Ultimate BBQ Sauce Competition and received exactly 100 entries.  Last year’s winner’s list were posted here.

Reviews of BBQ Sauce Reviews

  • White Trash BBQ  I do love that the guys over there come up with all sorts of boutique sauces and they still review the mass market sauces. When you get a chance, stop by BBQ Sauce Reviews. You’ll be glad you did.
  • ConsumerSearch.com  Brian Henderson says he judges BBQ sauces on the basis of taste by “using similar meats and grilling approach.” He rates sauces on aroma, flavor before cooking, consistency, flavor post-grilling, ingredients (downgrading sauces for artificial flavors), nutritional value and marketing/packaging.
  • Home-of-BBQ  They do an excellent job of breaking down a sauce and providing an informed opinion on the taste, aroma, marketing and more. They offer a wide array of reviews, covering everything from sauces that you can pick up at a local grocery to mail order only products.
  • Trusted Ones – Cool Website  Quite an honor to be placed in the same bucket as Addicting Games, Flickr, FactCheck.org, Scrabulous for Cool Websites.

Who are we?

We are your guides to better backyard BBQ. Brian and Jay have a passion for the BBQ experience (food, grills, fire, beer, cookouts) and have tried a lot of sauces, food, grills, smokers, and cooking styles. We love trying new stuff, so please let us know by filling out our forms or getting in touch with us by email or on Twitter.

Massive Traffic

BBQ Sauce Reviews receives a massive amount of traffic on the order of 15,000 – 20,000 unique visitors per month. http://www.top20sites.com/Top-BBQ-Sauce-Sites

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