Absolutely Perfect BBQ Sauce (4/5)

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Wow!   I don’t think it’s possible to make a bolder statement on the front of your BBQ sauce than calling your company Absolutely Perfect. I like the confidence, the swagger, the bravado of it, but you guys know me by now – I’m a bit skeptical.


The label for Championship Blue Ribbon St Louis BBQ Sauce makes some the bold claims including a showcase of the company name Absolutely Perfect, “award winning,” all-natural, and gluten-free.

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Absolutely Perfect Championship Blue Ribbon St Louis BBQ Sauce sounds like it could indeed be a great sauce, but it is a bit of a mouthful. Instead I’d highlight fewer words and pick the most important ones such as Absolutely Perfect.

Since that is the company name, why not just call it Absolutely Perfect Original BBQ Sauce. On the front you can still feature a blue ribbon and describe as a St Louis or KC-style BBQ sauce, without affecting the brand name itself. You want a simple and memorable few words that people will remember. That way, if they see it in a store, online, or at a farmer’s market, it will remain simple to find elsewhere.

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A name like Absolutely Perfect sets expectations sky-high and has high-quality and wholesome ingredients (no HFCS, no glutens, etc). Uncooked, I found it quite quite mild and thin and compared to many sauces in this category.   But after cooking, the flavor kicked in and became a lot more interesting without being overpowering and had some very unique elements (I noticed a unique, subtle orange taste).

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Bottom line

This sauce makes a big strong bold claim right off the bat even before the bottle is opened – that alone is worthy of mention because many other sauces fail to deliver such a strong statement.

Once the bottle is opened and the sauce is tasted, the sauce was just a bit mild and thin until you cooked with it.   Then it becomes a lot more flavorful and complex and while I’d say its definitely worth a try, it is 1 notch away from being Absolutely Perfect.





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  1. great review,really like the honesty on the labeling/name,they are making a bold statement to live up to hope that alone don’t shoot them in the foot,with that good luck with the new sauce Abslulutely perfect

  2. Have you tried the Tonton Kobe BBQ sauce? It’s my favourite, but they no longer offer it at Costco so I guess I’ll have to pay their gouging website prices!

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