BBQ Sauce Giveaway: Tex Morgan

We have a great giveaway which will have 3 winners.  Each will get BBQ Sauce Kits from Tex Morgan.

  • “KC-style sauce, loaded with chunks of real onion for a mild smooth sweet taste with a dark undertone of molasses from the brown sugar and just enough smoke to make it interesting…”
  • “Everyone will like it for it’s mild flavor, but enthusiasts will pick up on it’s complexity and well-proportioned balance of onion, garlic, smoke, and apple cider vinegar.”
  • “The chunks of onion are added in just the right quantity as to not be overwhelming.”
We’ll have 3 Winners. Each Winner Gets a BBQ Sauce Kit!
What the heck is a BBQ Sauce kit?
  • 1 bottle of Western BBQ sauce
  • 1 Boot Kickin Chipotle BBQ Sauce
  • 1 bottle of  Western Rub.
Yeah! Awesome! Whooo boy…..        Just write a comment below to enter.
Please answer this question:  “Why do you deserve this sauce kit?”
Rules, the Finer Print:
  • Post a comment below – answer “why do you deserve this sauce kit?”
  • 3 Winners selected by me for creativity and/or social media activity will win
  • Social media activity = becoming a fan on Facebook, or linking to my site, or becoming a Twitter follower.
  • US residents only
  • Content ends Saturday March 12 at midnight.
  • Winners announced/contacted via email and in comments on the blog on Sunday March 13.
  • Spelunkers and their immediate families are NOT eligible for this contest!  Sorry.

Good luck and thanks to Big Tex Morgan for sponsorship of this contest.

Site Editor, BBQ Sauce Lover, Family Guy, Hi Tech Marketer by Day. He recently wrote the Ebook “How to Market Your BBQ Sauce” which can be purchased on this site.



  1. Mark Sousa says:

    I deserve this sauce kit because I dressed up as a cowboy for Halloween once.

  2. I need “up to my elbows good BBQ” and the best part is that I have two elbows.

  3. A couple of months ago my daughter took a trip to Georgia. Knowing that I anm a collector of BBQ sauces, she picked up several bottles for me from different BBQ joints.

    Little did she know that you cannot bring BBQ sauce on to the plane! She ended up “donating” my sauce to the TSA!

  4. I would be an excellent recipient for this BBQ sauce because I don’t take donations from the government. Private donations are fine but I’ll leave the hard-working tax payer alone!

  5. Stephanie says:

    I deserve this kit because the only BBQ sauce that I’ve ever used on a regular basis is KC Masterpiece. This is obviously something that needs to be changed.

  6. Arty Podnos says:

    I deserve the sauce kit because I am going to be cooking ribs all spring and summer long in search of the best rib recipe. Any good recipe needs quality ingredients. Tex Morgan sounds like a great candidate for my quest.

  7. I do not deserve this prize package of barbeque sauces. My friends and family sure deserve this fun group of tasty sauces. Family and friends is the anchor to our lives. When we are down they are there to comfort, listen, help and put me back on the right track. I would cook up a storm and share these sauces with these important people. My family and friends deserve these sauces. Thankyou.

  8. Michael B says:

    I live in Chicago and have fired up the grill at least once a week during this BRUTAL winter! 6-foot drifts are no match. “Ummm…Winning!”

  9. I deserve these sauces because I am on a mission from God to expand my knowledge of barbecue; to broaden my horizons as far as they will go when it comes to bbq cuisine. I want to continually develop my palate and “educate” my sense of taste where each component of bbq is concerned. The more different bbq sauces I taste, the more developed my palate for bbq sauce will become; I will be more and more able to detect and enjoy subtle nuances and individual flavors in the sauces. These sauces will help me on my mission! Thank you for this opportunity!

  10. I think I deserve this kit because, it’s really, really hard to find awesome rubs and sauce up and over here in Washington State. Also you made me start to salivate at the mouth just reading your review

  11. Kyle Maker says:

    My BBQ collection is up to 496 different – I don’t have this one. Pictures upon request.

  12. I deserve it because “I pity the fool” who would say otherwise!

  13. I deserve this kit because I am a beautiful Texan who appreciates true Texas style BBQ.

  14. Jason Prince says:

    I like the thing where you just put your name in a reply and first three to reply get the free BBQ sauce lol….I can never think of anything to write 🙂

    “I deserve this sauce because I am Jason Prince, dammit!”

  15. Matt Grabau says:

    I deserve this sauce because you really want me to taste it. I just left a comment somewhere else for something not sure where it ended up I thought it was for this giveaway. I have a group on Facebook for my father-in-laws sauce Demon Pig BBQ Sauce “Tastes Great on Your Butt” it is a group page for our KCBS team as well as the sauce. I never don’t want to taste new sauces either, even being part of an awesome sauce that should be reviewed here if it hasn’t. I really like to taste what others have c’mon cowboy share some Tex w/me you know you want to. Please. and Thank you…

  16. Bob Shields says:

    I deserve this because I heard you have a very good product and will be great on my next batch of ribbs

  17. Gary LaBelle says:

    I deserve this sauce kit because I recently returned from a year long, all expense paid trip to Afghanistan, courtesy of the US Army. My family, and my grill, are the two things I missed the most. “The Grill Sergeant” deserves this kit.

  18. bill voss says:

    Do I deserve this? No. But I would enjoy it no end because as a native bbqboy I am stuck in the anti bbq nation of Southern Oregon, home of way too healthful eating and I need a fix of some decadent mansauces to spice up my forbidden BBQ. And I dahon’t mean grilled vegetables.
    I have to conceal my pit under cover of darkness in fear of the pyramid police.

  19. Jonathan says:

    I think I deserve the bbq sauce kit because being a huge food lover and culinary artist I always thrive to not just do my best, but to find the best. I live in San Diego,CA and well there isnt much good bbq here. Sure theres the Phils BBQ place here and a bunch of other local ones that say theyre the best, but the best is made at home, where you can add all the rub you want, all the sauce you want, and slow cook them ribs to perfection. Then sit back enjoy some delicious home made bbq with friends and fam, and ofcourse a nice cold beer. So why do i deserve it, because I love the best, i love trying new and different thing, I love sharing with friend and fam so that they themselves can purchase the good stuff in the future, and for plain old fun of lighting up that charcoal and grilling a slab of meat on the weekdays after a hard week at work.

  20. I deserve this kit because a little over 6 months ago some friends and I went to visit the Montrose Farmers market. Walking through the market we saw your BBQ sauce stand. So we purchased a bottle of your chipotle sauce and it was very flavorful and really enhanced my bbq chicken recipe which i usually marinate with orange juice and italian dressing. Since i am already a customer of yours I think i deserve the bbq kit based on the fact that i KNOW your bbq sauce is the best!! and that i will continue to use it as long as you keep making it!

  21. Mr. Bobo says:

    I would like to reveiw it for my blog. i recently reviewed Uncles Joes for the site

  22. OK folks – thank you for entering.

    Although you may not have won this week, please tune in next Friday for a WILD giveaway. It is going to be all about SPEED – the first xx to comment will get sauce… See you next FRIDAY !!

    This week’s winners are:

    Gary Labelle
    Because he’s a military guy back from a mission and he needs to eat good, god dammit.

    Kyle Maker
    Because he’s fanatical about BBQ Sauce – maybe even more than. I will be sharing pictures of his collection in a blog post next week. Kyle you rock.

    Mike D
    Because he’s very active in the BBQ community and his daily Twitter roundup motivates me to review more and write more – also for the random Mr T reference!

    I will be contacting you and Tex Morgan via email to get your addresses so that Tex can ship out your package.

    Congratulations and thanks for playing!! If you didn’t win, keep playing, I have a lot of giveaways coming up.


  23. Wayne Nickless says:

    As a newly diagnosed celiac (mild form), this site has provided me with a good source of the best food on the planet. I was able to find out that there are gluten free sauces of note and I would like to win the pack to experiment with some more fine barbeque.

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