BBQ Stu’s X-Xtra Hot Steel City Blast Furnace (4/5)

I’ve reviewed BBQ Stu’s Mustard and Original Sauces in the past.  And I’ve got a bottle of Steel City Blast Furnace around here somewhere (his ‘regular’ hot sauce variant).  This one kicks it up a notch past his regular hot BBQ sauce towards the extreme, or so you’d think by the words on the label.  For me, the heat was over-hyped with only a minor amount of sizzle in back of it – which doesn’t completely ruin the sauce for me, but it is a small statement that doesn’t match it’s promise…

Ingredients are standard fare HFCS and the elusive (is it good or bad or neutral) modified food starch along with BBQ Stu’s usual hint of pineapple.   The flavor is great – excellent spicy BBQ sauce base with pineapple – but I expected a bit more heat from the proclamations made on the label, I would have poured this on if I knew how much of a mild heat this produces (not a bad thing by the way, I can’t stand those super-hot sauces).   Consistency is a bit on the watery side, but clung well.

Great job as usual Stu.   Keep it up!  I know you work your butt off selling sauce.


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