Captain Curts Famous Boss Sauce – Hickory (4/5)

Hmm. Not too much variation from the mild sauce or hot version.  Maybe it is a little bit bolder…  could be extra salt and spices… I’m not sure.  It’s still a great sauce, very unique with a strong Old Bay flavor (via ground bay leaves I assume).  For more details on Captain Curt and for […]

Sucklebusters Original BBQ Sauce (4/5)

I guess I’d describe this sauce as a very decent, all-natural sauce.   A great texture and decent flavor, good color, without many uniquely distinguishing features or characteristics.  But for my tastebuds, I’ll take that any day over something that dares to be different and fails.  My score for this smooth tasting sauce also received a […]

Timber Folks BBQ Sauce (4/5)

Upon opening the package, I was a bit underwhelmed.  I walked over to the back of our kitchen and got ready to just throw this in the garbage.  The label just barely fit on the jar and got wrinkled pretty bad during the course of application.  The photo on the label was weak and the […]

Uncle Mike’s Bar-B-Q Sauce (4/5)

Straight outta Kentucky, this sauce blends a homemade, hickory smokey BBQ sauce with a little chili powder and worchestershire to get you a nice tasting, smokey tang. Smell A spicy-sweet authenticity, Worcestershire and chili powder mixed with onion and garlic and of course hickory smoke flavor. Look & Consistency Right in the middle, not too […]

Big Billy BBQ Sauce (4/5)

Guest review by Paul Zonfrillo from Team ZBQ The best way I can describe this sauce is KC BBQ meets Carolina Vinegar sauce.  It is on the thin side for consistency, has a noticeable deal of acidity, but it is balanced out by a good dose of sweet.  The result is a full bodied base […]

Gayle’s Sweet N Sassy Apple Cider Smoke (4/5)

When I received my first plastic pouch filled with BBQ sauce, I wasn’t sure what to think.  Quickly I learned this new sauce from Gayle’s has great ingredients, excellent/unique packaging, a bold apple/smoke flavor and it’s somewhat famous.  It’s not too thick and not too thin, which makes it versatile for most types of cooking […]

Piper’s Pit Buffalo Ranch Sauce (4/5)

When I opened up the package and saw a bright orange color instead of BBQ sauce brown, I thought to myself, “what is unclear about the name BBQ Sauce Reviews?”   Why should I consider reviewing a sauce that is clearly NOT a BBQ Sauce?  Why lose my focus, when my true love is BBQ sauce? […]

Backyard Grill BBQ Sauce Review (4/5)

Before looking at the ingredients, its a full-flavored KC-style sauce with a solid onion-garlic infusion that I would recommend to anyone looking for a flavorful KC style sauce with a little extra spice.  Nothing too fancy or different, but tasty. After looking at the ingredients, the perspective changes and you get a different picture altogether…

Nebby’s Best Barbecue Sauce (4/5)

It’s all about the fire and what happens in it.  And although it took me awhile to realize it for this particular sauce, Nebby had this figured out from the start and remained confident that his sauce would stand up to my criticism.  This is a story of a sauce that at first glance appeared […]

Captain Curts Famous Boss Sauce – Hot (4/5)

A great tasting sauce. Not too much variation from the mild sauce in terms of flavor, but I noticed something slightly unusual here – usually on a label for spicy BBQ sauces, you can quickly determine what ingredient is making the sauce hot.  Usually it’s some kind of pepper, either in spice, extract, or natural […]

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