Grandma Foster’s Smooth and Mild (4/5)

Grandma Foster’s Smooth and Mild (4/5) BBQ Sauce Review

Stage Coach Bonafide BBQ Sauce (4/5)

Stage Coach Bonafide BBQ Sauce (4/5)

Midwest Best Barbecue Sauce Review (4/5)

Midwest Best Barbecue Sauce.  The name makes you think is from a simple, understated state like Ohio that’s not too fancy and not too flashy.  And you be correct, sir. That’s too bad, in my opinion.   This Ohio-an sauce presents itself in a far too subtle manner to reveal what they are trying to express […]

Picky Vicki Brazenly Bold BBQ Sauce (4/5)

The first sniff is nice, and it had a hint of habanero. The flavor is complex and full. It’s sweet, salty, and spicy – not firey but just a smidgeon of heat to warm up the mouth and lips. Was hoping for something a bit thicker, but I gotta tell you, this is a tasty sauce that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Blenders Spicy Barbecue Sauce (4/5)

Jeri Blender needs to be commended here; she was doing all-natural sauces long before it was cool. And if you get the chance, I have to point out that this product also has some of the best marketing I’ve seen with an amazing story, and long history, great colors schemes and brand identity, and a great website to match.

Big Tex Morgan’s Western BBQ Sauce (4/5)

Kim, the current owner of Big Tex Morgan’s says, “This is a sauce I learned to make from my Dad. It was past down from his Dad. For years only friends and family where able to enjoy this sauce. Now I hope to let others enjoy what I’ve enjoyed since childhood.” And it’s a great thing you did. What we have here is a somewhat traditional, KC-style sauce, loaded with chunks of real onion for a mild smooth sweet taste with a dark undertone of molasses from the brown sugar and just enough smoke to make it interesting.

BBQ Stu’s X-Xtra Hot Steel City Blast Furnace (4/5)

Ingredients are standard fare HFCS and the elusive (is it good or bad or neutral) modified food starch along with BBQ Stu’s usual hint of pineapple. The flavor is great – excellent spicy BBQ sauce base with pineapple – but I expected more heat from the proclamations made on the label, I would have poured this on if I knew how much of a mild heat this produces (not a bad thing by the way, I can’t stand those super-hot sauces). Consistency is a bit on the watery side but had enough cling for this griller.

McCane’s Vidalia Pit Sauce (4/5)

The sauce has a great onion flavor achieved by using 14% Vidalia sweet onions which are native to the state in which this fine BBQ Sauce was produced. It’s got a good thickness and mouthfeel that is loaded with pepper and onion chunks. If you like onions this one will be right up yer alley.

Bubble’s Q BBQ Sauce (4/5)

Funny enough, the first ingredient on the bottle is someone else’s BBQ sauce but Buffalo-based Marion “Bubble” Simmons has added enough flavor and flair to make it into a marketable success. Taste Reminiscent of a sauce they might serve in a Clint Eastwood movie.  I’d rename it to Ole West sauce. Or maybe The Good, […]

BBQ Stu’s Gold Barbeque Sauce (4/5)

I liked this strong, sweet-mustard sauce that is enhanced with the kind of fresh peppers that add flavor without the heat.  I’m guessing bell peppers?   The natural ingredients and gluten-free qualities are admirable… and of course the flavor is great but lacks the complexity of some of the other sauces in this category (ie Salt […]

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