Nephew’s Haban Orange (5/5)

Oh man this stuff is good.   It was one of these sauces in my fridge that I kept coming back to again and again and again.   I tried it on ribs, chicken, and burgers – and loved it.  I dipped french fries and bread and crackers  into it too.  Once, I took the bottle up […]

Nephew’s Peachy ‘Potle BBQ Sauce (4/5)

This is a solid sauce with a good texture and a very good taste to go with it – Nephew’s knows how to mix fruit with BBQ Sauce. The trick is (I think) to make it a subtle yet noticeable characteristic whereas a trace of the marketed fruit component remains in the forefront of the sauce flavor profile. The sauce is a great mix of tang, peach, chipotle, and traditional bbq sauce.

Pigchaser Pineapple Mango BBQ Sauce (4/5)

Anyway – this sauce is good, almost great – a sweet thick BBQ sauce with enough Pineapple and Mango to add some fun. There are chunks of real pineapple and mango floating around in the bottle and the consistency is also excellent and thickens up nicely when grilled. There are no offensive ingredients in the bottle but it lacked complexity (I would have liked a little heat in here) and the label is kinda lame – but a good joke like the cows in the chick-filet commercials … but if this is on the store shelves, it’s not sure this label is selling me to pick it up.

Stage Coach Bonafide BBQ Sauce (4/5)

Stage Coach Bonafide BBQ Sauce (4/5)

Captain Curt’s Lemon Honey Boss Sauce (5/5)

I like the bottle, and I like the branding; it’s simple yet effective. I want to find out more about the guy and when you find a video of him or hear about stories of people who’ve met him, it usually lives up to the hype. The sauce pours thin has but has good color and a quality flavor. The taste is great – lots of complexity and variety in there – not your run of the mill average KC BBQ sauce. This is a winner. Flavor gives me bay leaves and allspice and coriander cinnamon ginger and cloves… with a slight hint of lemon. I didn’t really taste the honey which is OK by me, because some sauces that market “flavored with honey”. end up tasting a bit too strong. Decent ingredients overall, but it does contain HFCS.

Oregon Dan’s Medium BBQ Sauce (5/5)

This is a sauce that jumps right out at you!  “A taste of Hawaii inside each bottle??”  Hold on, I must have that.  Of course I’m kidding, but with the chunks of pineapple swimming around the bottle, I can see how they could make such bold statements (and back them up).  It’s easily one of […]

Luna Mercato Blackberry Barbecue Sauce (3/5)

This blackberry sauce is on about the same level as Luna’s blueberry sauce. Flavor is good but average, nothing amazing, but a great choice for those who like fruit-infused BBQ sauces. Like mixing fruit and beer, there’s not too many folks who desire such a combination, but for those that do – Luna Mercato is a good choice. I just don’t find enough utility out of strawberry, blackberry, and blueberry flavored sauces.

Nephew’s Ghostly Pumpkin BBQ Sauce (5/5)

A 5 for originality, great flavor, use of ingredients, consistency, and packaging. I’d give it a 6 if I could. It’s not going to replace your classic standby BBQ sauce, but it’s worth trying – especially if you like pumpkin pie and grilling!

Luna Mercato Blueberry Barbecue Sauce (3/5)

It’s been awhile since my review of Luna Mercato’s Strawberry Barbecue Sauce – more than enough time to let give my tastebuds a break from fruity BBQ sauce. In general, I’m just not a big fan of the category. While there are certainly stand-outs (the sauce formerly known as Carribean Calypso for example), there’s a lot of mileage in between the stars.

Smokin Willie’s Shanghai Style BBQ Sauce (5/5)

Ah yes, another five star sauce.  I’ve been pretty much addicted to this one since it was sent to me and I’ve tried it on everything from Angus beef burgers (gifts from Omaha Steak Co) to mac & cheese to grilled chicken and grilled cheese sandwiches.  It’s a great all purpose sauce that I can’t […]

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