Mama Dora’s BBQ Sauce (5/5)

Warning, I have a rant to let out.  Far too often I get sent sauce with a name and no picture of the person. Let’s see, just recently I’ve had: Bo Macks Porky Joe’s Ruble Family Zurrell’s Uncle Kenny’s Head’s Red and many others They are all good sauces… but no pictures!  I think when […]

Alternasweets Sweet & Smokey Original BBQ Sauce (3/5)

This Washington state based sauce has something different in it and it’s not afraid to tell you about it. It steers clear of traditional sweeteners (sugar, molasses) or bad rep sweeteners (such as high fructose corn syrup) and focuses on the use of the plant extracted sweetener Stevia.  Studies show Stevia isn’t bad for you […]

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