Big Butz Cranberry BBQ Sauce Review (5/5)

They say it takes a real man to wear pink, but the pink color on the label of this sauce simply made me nervous.  I was skeptical, thinking it was going to overload my tastebuds with cranberry.  Growing up in Massachusetts and spending summers down at Cape Cod driving past cranberry bogs and the Ocean […]

Grillside Suburban Sweet BBQ Sauce (4/5)

Packaged professionally with a great label and a great (whiskey flask-like) shape, this one would pop out from just about any selection of BBQ sauces on the shelf.  The logo itself reminds me of the Olympic torch – and what better a symbol to choose to represent global awesome-ness or shall I say SauceSomeNess. The […]

Pappy’s Smokehouse – Original BBQ Sauce (5/5)

A friend got back from St Louis and brought a bottle of sauce with him that looked like it was straight out of the TV show Lost – a Dharma project BBQ sauce with black lettering on a white label.  The bottle came from a popular BBQ joint you may have heard of called Pappy’s […]

Stubbs Signature BBQ Sauce (4/5)

It tastes like a hybrid between a KC style BBQ sauce and a vinegar based sauce.  It’s got great ingredients, a touch of heat, and a tangy flavor that people love. It’s a thin all-natural blend that provides a lot of flavor.  And as long as you are expecting the tangier-than-usual-bbq-sauce flavor of Stubbs, you’ll […]

Meat Mitch WHOMP BBQ Sauce (5/5)

Mitch Benjamin says this about his signature sauce: Meat Mitch ‘Whomp’ BBQ sauce was created to win BBQ competitions. It has all the elements the judges are looking for, a beautiful glaze finish, a sweet, rich, depth and character and finishes with a little kick that says “Hello Jim!” Well, sir – let’s see if […]

Hog Heaven Smokehouse BBQ Sauce (4/5)

“It wasn’t easy getting a Rabbi to bless a pig!,” says San Diego-based Hog Heaven founder, Ira Pupko.  He’s referring to the Kosher certification (denoted by a hechsher on the label) that is achieved through a fairly rigorous inspection process.  Ira says that the Kosher certification “was important to us, because it’s synonymous with quality.”  […]

Hog Heaven Apple Chipotle (5/5)

This is part 2 of the Hog Heaven batch I received last week in pre-bottled stage.  The line-up also includes Smokehouse, Smokehouse Heat, and Apricot Jalapeno. Aroma It smells like a sweet Hostess Apple Pie with a subtle hint of BBQ sauce and something spicy. Mmm. Consistency Movement was thick, but not too thick. Natural.  […]

Patterson’s Old Fashioned Mopping Sauce (4/5)

I love when I get a sauce that combines a great, unique flavor with a powerful and sincere story.  To the right of the centered logo and picture you can find this story: David Patterson left his Georgia family farm in 1943 when he was drafted into the Army. Before Christmas the following year, he […]

Trifecta BBQ Sauce Review (5/5)

Aroma:   Oniony Garlicy Jalapeno… oh yeah. Flavor Uncooked:  Fantastic Spicy Sweet, a a nice ketchup replacement with jalapeno undertones and garlic Flavor Cooked: Caramelizes nicely for BBQ chicken, jalapeno cheddar burgers (recommend Au Bon Pain jalapeno cheddar rolls) Ingredients: No strong negatives, but not gluten free for those with allergic sensitivities. Marketing/Label: Appearance is very […]

Review: Lil Hawks BBQ Sauce (4/5)

This is a nicely executed thin yet sweet sauce from Georgia. The bottle appearance is good and simple. It’s a guy holding a man-sized fork that is impaling a massive slab of ribs.  It’s a very small batch sauce as evidenced by the lack of nutritional information a UPC symbol and an address – but […]

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