Hannaford Honey Barbecue Sauce (2/5)

Although I think Hannaford is a decent grocery market and brand offering a lot of organic and healthy options, this is one department in which they could improve. Texture is super thick (again, unnaturally thick) and the taste isn’t awful but it also isn’t great. It’s got a little bit of a chemical aftertaste and tastes like it’s not really a food product but a factory product.

Captain Curt’s Lemon Honey Boss Sauce (5/5)

I like the bottle, and I like the branding; it’s simple yet effective. I want to find out more about the guy and when you find a video of him or hear about stories of people who’ve met him, it usually lives up to the hype. The sauce pours thin has but has good color and a quality flavor. The taste is great – lots of complexity and variety in there – not your run of the mill average KC BBQ sauce. This is a winner. Flavor gives me bay leaves and allspice and coriander cinnamon ginger and cloves… with a slight hint of lemon. I didn’t really taste the honey which is OK by me, because some sauces that market “flavored with honey”. end up tasting a bit too strong. Decent ingredients overall, but it does contain HFCS.

Big Tex Morgan’s Western BBQ Sauce (4/5)

Kim, the current owner of Big Tex Morgan’s says, “This is a sauce I learned to make from my Dad. It was past down from his Dad. For years only friends and family where able to enjoy this sauce. Now I hope to let others enjoy what I’ve enjoyed since childhood.” And it’s a great thing you did. What we have here is a somewhat traditional, KC-style sauce, loaded with chunks of real onion for a mild smooth sweet taste with a dark undertone of molasses from the brown sugar and just enough smoke to make it interesting.

Spring Valley Farms Sweet and Spicy Chipotle BBQ Sauce (3/5)

This sauce had an average yet agreeable flavor and a slight back of the mouth heat that intensified with each bite… like a drop of water that keeps working and working and working on a little piece of rock until you have the Grand Canyon… Well, it’s not that hot – but it does get spicier the more you eat. When heated up, I also notice the heat gets activated faster – the magic of grill bringing to life the latent energy within this sauce. A good sweet semi-hot chipotle sauce you might want to check out.

Open Pit Barbecue Sauce Review (2/5)

Tangy and sweet. To me it just doesn’t taste like a BBQ sauce should. It’s got the most bizarre, unnatural smell and the flavor is more like French dressing than BBQ sauce. It goes on anything… meaning that you can add this to just about anything (pork, chicken, ribs, burgers, seafood) and it will be sure to ruin it. Trust me, we went through a lot of this stuff.

Bubble’s Q BBQ Sauce (4/5)

Funny enough, the first ingredient on the bottle is someone else’s BBQ sauce but Buffalo-based Marion “Bubble” Simmons has added enough flavor and flair to make it into a marketable success. Taste Reminiscent of a sauce they might serve in a Clint Eastwood movie.  I’d rename it to Ole West sauce. Or maybe The Good, […]

Uncle Joe’s Honey Mesquite Sauce-in-a-Bag (5/5)

At first, I didn’t really like the BBQ-Sauce-in-a-Bag concept until I realized some of these mixes are in fact some of the tastiest BBQ rubs and seasoning packets I’ve ever come across.   So maybe I should start reviewing some BBQ rubs… The “sauce in the bag” category is a bit of a niche and although […]

Pat’s Ho-Made BBQ Sauce (3/5)

Not many sauces come in that cause me to snicker at their potentially unintended double-meaning – is this sauce a candidate for Engrish.com?   Instead of being home-made sauce or homemade sauce or maybe even “homade” (if we want to start inventing words)…. the makers of this sauce chose “ho-made.”  I’ve seen a few BBQ sauce […]

Luna Mercato Blackberry Barbecue Sauce (3/5)

This blackberry sauce is on about the same level as Luna’s blueberry sauce. Flavor is good but average, nothing amazing, but a great choice for those who like fruit-infused BBQ sauces. Like mixing fruit and beer, there’s not too many folks who desire such a combination, but for those that do – Luna Mercato is a good choice. I just don’t find enough utility out of strawberry, blackberry, and blueberry flavored sauces.

Budweiser Smoked Barbecue Sauce (3/5)

A decent sauce that I wouldn’t throw out of the fridge, but somewhat lacking in originality, excitement, and uniqueness.

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