Just got some new BBQ sauce!

After a little BBQ sauce hiatus I am back and more ready than ever to keep grilling – throughout the winter.  That’s right – throughout the cold New England winter.  Maybe I’m crrrrrazy. Globally, weather has been pretty flaky recently, so I’m guessing we either have the snowiest, coldest winter in history – or the […]

New Orleans Smoky Blues BBQ Sauce (Bar-B-Bar) (1/5)

The same company that conceived and delivered the magnificent Carribean Calypso failed to excite my tastebuds with a somewhat toxic smelling/tasting mixture of Water, Sugar, Soy Sauce, and Molasses. Luckily – I did not puke. Also – here’s an interesting example of where a hard slanted marketing direction takes a beating. When you think of New Orleans nowadays, […]

Dinosaur Bar-B-Que Sensous Slathering Sauce (5/5)

Clearly marketed towards big loud chopper owners, the references aren’t too strong enough to turn off those of us who aren’t bikers. How many references to Harley’s can you find on this bottle? I found 5 The manufacturer describes this as “an aggressive, crimson-red, tomato-based sauce riddled with spices you can see, smell and taste,” […]

Miracle Whip + Chipotle Tabasco = Fish BBQ Heaven

You can call me names, and slap me silly, but you won’t change my mind. I love Miracle Whip. On sandwiches, as a burger condiment, with cake and ice cream. I discovered this magic combination last year after catching a big striper (striped bass) on Martha’s vineyard. On our boat we caught enough fish for […]

Lip Lickin’ Sauce – Bold & Spicy BBQ (3/5)

Plus side: Great cooked flavor, use of simple healthy ingredients, and no weird preservatives and thickening agents. Anchovies. Downside: Thin, no heat when expected, a little boring. Anchovies. Western North Carolina style BBQ sauce is thin by design, but sometimes a little too thin for my tastes. Lip Lickin’ Sauces market Western North Carolina style […]

Caribbean Calypso Island Hoppin’ BBQ Sauce & Dip (5/5)

By now, only on my third review for BBQ Sauce Reviews, I’m startin’ to notice a lot of g’s missin’ in the packagin’. I guess it’s how most of these sauces are marketed – as kinda casual and fun – as the process of grilling and eating BBQ’d foods is inherently fun. Although this Caribbean […]

Wisconsin BBQ Sauce

Wisconsin BBQ Sauce has a smoky taste, is known to be spicy, and is not sweet.

Texas BBQ Sauce

Texas BBQ Sauce is usually tomato based with hot chiles, cumin, and less sweet than usual.

St Louis BBQ Sauce

St Louis BBQ Sauce is generally tomato-based, thinned with vinegar, sweet and spicy. It is not as sweet and thick as Kansas City-style barbecue sauce, nor as spicy-hot and thin as Texas-style.

South Carolina BBQ Sauce

From Wikipedia: South Carolina is the only state to have four types of barbecue sauces: mustard, vinegar, heavy tomato, and light tomato. The meat used in South Carolina is consistent throughout the state, slow-cooked pulled pork. In the Palmetto State, barbecue is a noun, meaning hickory-smoked, pulled pork. You will never hear a South Carolinian […]

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