Blues Hog BBQ Sauce Original Flavor (5/5)


Ah. It’s about time I tried the one, the only Blues Hog BBQ sauce. Since I started the site, I’ve only heard about this legendary sauce which is hugely popular among competition BBQ teams and on great BBQ forum sites like the BBQ Brethren.  Whether they will admit it or not, this stuff is the secret to more than a few 1st place finishes and Grand Championships (often with a mix of this as a base with a less sweet, more tangy sauce).  One secret that’s not really a secret anymore, is that both Jay Prince and I  eat this stuff directly from the jar on more than one occasion. Jay also got his daughter hooked on it too… (and credit goes to Jay for helping me with some of these pictures!)


Let’s take a look at the appearance.

The bottle itself is fairly low-key, with a simple white label and a red and blue color scheme which reminds you of the best country in the world.



The appearance of the sauce is a cherry red/brown deep sauce with a gooey consistency with loads of specks and visible spices.  I’m loving this so far before I even tried it.

Now, the ingredients are fairly standard stuff, containing the high fructose corn syrup, an lots of other ingredients. Basically it’s sauce with brown sugar, ketchup, Worcestershire, and a nice mix of other spices.

The taste is quite amazing. Looking for a not-so-sweet sauce? You need to look elsewhere. It’s candy sweet with a host of spices and flavors that work extremely well together. There is no smoke, no heat, but so much flavor that you can imagine this as a perfect rib sauce or BBQ chicken sauce. There are also more than a few Q’ers that have admitted to putting this on ice cream. Yes. Picture a hot caramel sundae, except it’s a hot Blues Hog Sundae. Just warm up the sauce and pour.


time for eating

There are few sauces that can get away with this kind of versatility and make so many things taste so much better.

If you’re lucky this is in stores near you.  If not, you can order it online to try it out.

I won’t go so far as to say this is the best BBQ sauce out there (there are just so MANY!), but it definitely made its way into my top five list for sure.


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  1. This is a very good bbq sauce. We really like it. As a ‘KCBS Master Judge’ we see and taste this sauce all the time. Is it an advantage in competition? It is a very familiar taste but it is a contest about the meat.

  2. Eric T Brey says

    If this cracks your top 5 of sweet sauce, how about a top 3 (or so) of sauces that are not-so-sweet but are still straight-outta-the-jar good?

  3. This really is the best sauce I’ve ever had!! I live in illinois and i can never find it. But i have family in missouri and when i go there i get it every time. Next time i go to mo I’m gonna get Tennessee red and rocky mountain sauce. Bet it’s awesome too.

  4. Corn syrup, NOT HFCS like industrial food production….big difference.

  5. One of the first Big Name BBQ sauces I’ve tried. Great guy. Great sauce. Great lacquered look to the finished product.
    Loved it!

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