Free Sauce Friday: Rufus Teague BBQ Sauce

YEAH, it’s Free Sauce Friday.  Brought to you by Rufus Teague (MADE SOME SAUCE).

I really like the Rufus products and their unique marketing and bold flavor.

We will have 4 winners for this giveaway:

  • (1) Grand Prize: All 5 Rufus Teague Sauces
  • (3) Runner Up Prizes: Any of of Rufus Teague’s 5 Sauces

How to Win:

You must complete both steps shown below:

  1. Leave a Blog Comment here.    Answer the question, “Which flavor of Rufus Teague sauce would you like to try?”  (here’s a handy link to Rufus product line)
  2. Leave a friendly comment on Rufus Teague’s Facebook Page.  Ask Rufus a question and please mention “BBQ Sauce Reviews sent me!”


  • US only (Sorry folks!)
  • Contest starts Friday Sept 9nd and ends on Sept 13th (winners announced Tuesday during the day sometime)
  • Winners to be selected randomly via
  • Winners will be notified via blog comments (check the subscribe to comments box or check back Tuesday to see if you won).
  • You will have one week to email your physical address to the contest coordinator or “you snooze you lose!”  (this means you don’t get free sauce).

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  1. Chuck Smith says:

    The Honey Sweet or A touch of Heat…Rough Choice!!!

  2. love the website

  3. I like the spice so either Spicy Meat Sauce or Blazin’ Hot.

  4. Derek Garcia says:

    Gotta go with Honey Sweet!

  5. Christopher Sorel says:

    honey sweet sounds great cool it comes in a flask

  6. Brian Sciarratta says:

    Hello, I would love to have a taste of the Touch of Heat sauce. (If you are seeing my entry for a second time it is because I do not see it on the list.) Thank you for the chance to win.

  7. Mike Algren says:

    Honey sweet, touch of heat! I don’t know though, meat sauces look interesting too. Hmmmmmmm………

  8. Touch of heat of course

  9. Honey Sweet all the way!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. I reckon I’d ask Rufus to stir me up a pot of his delicious Touch of Heat flavor!

  11. Kyle Dullea says:

    I’d love to try the honey sweet.

  12. Blazin Hot or Honey Sweet…I have not had yet enough hot so im going with Blazin Hot

  13. Troy Wells says:

    Id like to try touch of heat! 🙂

  14. Honey Sweet sounds like the way to go

  15. Nicole Craig says:

    Honey Sweet is the way to go!!

  16. okivanleer says:

    Blazin’ Hot…Cause if food doesn’t make my eyes water, it’s not worth eating. Plus it gives me a great reason to reach for another cold beer.

  17. Spicy meat sauce!

  18. John Adams says:

    Gotta have some Honey Sweet.

  19. the meat sauce or the honey.

  20. Bob Shields says:

    well being I luv Honey , the Honey Sweet would be great or I am open to try any or all

  21. Hugh moriarty says:

    Honey sweet for sure

  22. Elaine Bell says:

    I’d love to try Honey Sweet!

  23. I would love to try the Blazin Hot.

  24. I would love the honey sweet (I’ve had it and its the best bbq sauce I have ever had!!! It’s my all time favorite honey bbq sauce, I’ve even bought cases of it) Since I’ve had the honey sweet, I would also love to try A Touch of Heat, that sounds like the perfect amount of heat in a bbq sauce that I would love

  25. Julie Kirkwood says:

    Touch of Heat and Honey Sweet both sound excellent.

  26. Maryann Fikes says:

    Meat Sauce sounds good!

  27. Paula Cull says:

    Blazin’ Hot all the way!!!! I like bbq that makes flames shoot out your butt!

  28. I would like to try the honey sweet!

  29. jared hatfield says:

    I like me some Honey Sweet.

  30. Miranda Bergh says:

    Honey Sweet is great. I’ve received this through a BBQ Club. YUMMY!

  31. Honey sweet – perfect!

  32. Caitlin Brown says:

    Blazn hot is the one for me 😉

  33. Hey Rufus, come and visit!!!

  34. It’s touch o’ heat for me!

  35. Honey Sweet is the way to go!

  36. Touch O’ Heat sounds great!

  37. Touch O’Heat!

  38. I would like touch o heat

  39. Lon Williams says:

    The BEST Bottle, the BEST T-shirt, the BEST marketing, but mostly, the sweetest if you want sweet, hottest if you want hot, the absolutely best BBQ Sauce in the world for every meat or fish you’re cookin!! You’re the best Rufus! Ready to order more before I run out!

  40. Winners Announcement:

    Grand prize all 5 Rufus Teague Sauces — #19 John Adams

    3 Runner Up Prizes (any 1 of 5 Rufus Teague Sauces)

    entry #8 Mike Algren
    entry #27 Maryann Fikes
    entry #25 Gina R

    All entries drawn by

    If you won, please send me your mailing address and sauce preference (runner up prizes) by 9/20/2011 to

    Otherwise see you next week with a sauce named after an amphibian! Don’t worry with enough tries you will eventually win!!

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