HFCS Free BBQ Sauce List

Thought it might be nice to get started on a HFCS-free BBQ Sauce list.  Much like my Gluten-Free BBQ sauce, I wanted to put out something public that could become a central source for definitive information on the topic.

BBQ Sauces without High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS)

Why Put This BBQ Sauce List Together?
A lot of people have asked about HFCS-free BBQ sauces and this is an attempt to put a lot of information in one place.

If you have a sauce that should be included, please indicate so in the comments or email me at brian@bbqsaucereviews.com.   Thanks!

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  1. Great selection of high fructose corn syrup free sauces! We have had a lot of discussion on the subject on my blog is well. Appreciate you calling all of the information together!

  2. Question, you list sweet baby rays sauce but doesn’t it contain high fructose corn syrup?

  3. Thanks Kevin, made the update! I just checked your site and saw your article – cool, great minds think alike

  4. The Bullseye above still has Corn Syrup on the ingredients. They used to have one flavor that was labeled as “No High Frutose Corn Syrun” but that one is no longer available. But they still use corn syrup, which is not as bad as HFCS, but still is not good for you.

  5. All bullseye sauces now contain high fructose corn syrup. Not corn syrup, but HFCS. They changed the recipes.

  6. Blair Laddusaw says

    Cookies BBQ sauce from Iowa is also HFCS-free. http://store.cookiesbbq.com or you can buy on Amazon, if you’re not in the Midwest.

  7. Organicville with agave is not any better than HFCS.

  8. Thanks for making this list. I am allergic to corn products and am always interested in things for my safe list.

  9. Michelle says

    JB’s BBQ sauces are the only brand and my local supermarket that have no corn syrup, no preservatives and no strange chemicals, just real ingredients that you have actually heard of.

  10. Weber BBQ sauce is HFCS free

  11. Maria Villa says

    KC Masterpiece private stock uses real sugar.

  12. Stubb’s BBQ sauce is the only one I found in the regular store in my locale.

  13. Gerald Young says

    Young G’s barbeque sauce is Gluten Free Very low Sodium and does not have any HFCS and it taste great kids love it…

  14. You have Fiorella’s listed twice. Thanks.

  15. Can you add Stubb’s to the list?! Thanks!

  16. Duane Nightwine says

    Does anyone know if woodyards has HFCS.

  17. L. B. Garcia says

    My son says he thinks Weber’s BBQ sauce does not contain HFCS. Most of the above sauces must be regional brands (except Heinz & Organicville). At least, they are not available in stores up here on the northern plains (ND).

  18. Trilby’s bbq sauce from Ferndale WA has no preservatives, MSG, Gluten or Corn Syrup added. It tastes great too.

  19. Check out rufusteague.com awesome sauces with no HFCS
    And they are available in most stores.

  20. Butch’ smack your lips has HFCS in, how do I know? I read the ingredients right off the bottle after ordering it.

  21. Wild and mild has hfcs in it to ordered 6 bottles being thrown out.

  22. Newman’s Own BBQ sauce is hfcs-free as well, and delicious!

  23. What about Stubbs, I’ve had it and it’s pretty good for when I don’t have the time to make my own

  24. All products’ ingredient lists should be available on the products’ websites. Or contact via email for consumer info. Products change ingredients regularly, so before investing in them sight unseen, do the research.

  25. Awesome! I was upset when DH brought home BBQ saucw that was not gluten-free AND had HFCS! Ack!

    Thanks for the list! He knows to not buy aspartame or acesulfame. I’ll share this article and list to him so he knows there are healthier options.

    I agree with Tina’s advice, “Products change ingredients regularly, so … do the research.”

  26. I’ve never heard of any of these BRANDS except HEINZ…

  27. Stubbs is the best HFCS-free BBQ sauce I’ve tasted. No idea why it’s not listed…

  28. The first ingredient in kraft is HFCS!

  29. Smoothies Health says

    Yes, there are some Kraft bbq sauces on SOME store shelves that still have HFCS in them. I’ve noticed that in smaller stores. Possibly they are reluctant to throw them out, there are some people that just aren’t concerned or unaware of the effects of the ingredient. Most stores are concerned with revenue not our health. You have to be your own advocate. I’ve seen both Kraft products, HFCS and HFCS FREE sitting on shelves side by side. I suggest always turning to the back and reading the ingredient list.

  30. Honestly man thanks for this list bro, I’ve been using sweet baby rays my whole life now its time for me to switch to one that’s healthier and better for me.

  31. G Hugh’s smokehouse and Heinz naturals are HFCS free too.

  32. Bonnie MCINTYRE says

    Dinosaur BBQ out of Syracuse but for sale in the mid-atlantic and North East is HFCS and gluten free.

  33. You have Kraft on your list and I’m not sure I’d your aware or not but it does have High Fructose Corn Syrup in it.

  34. Stan Fears says

    You need to update your list. To my recent disappointment, Kraft has gone back to high fructose corn syrup, in all of their barbecue sauces. It is the main ingredient now. I just finished posting a comment, on Kraft’s website, about this. There were many other disappointed people who had posted comments about it too.

  35. The #1 ingredient in Kraft BBQ sauce is HFCS!

    • I checked the ingredients for Kraft bbq sauce. The first ingredient is HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP!!!! 😠😒yep!

  36. Don’t know why this outdated list from 2011 comes up on the first page of a Google search.

  37. I checked the ingredients for Kraft bbq sauce. The first ingredient is HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP!!!! 😠😒

    • I think Kraft recently changed their recipe. I used to buy it specifically because it didn’t have any HFCS and thought I was going crazy when I checked every variety in the store and every single one now has it!

  38. Wish we could get this page off Google.

  39. Confirmed
    They now make it with HFCS

  40. Chubby has no high fructose corn syrup

  41. This list needs some major updating. Very incorrect.

  42. As mentioned before Kraft has HFCs now. I found that Kinder’s is a great choice for non-HFC sauce. They have it at Costco. They have an organic sauce that is gluten free and has no corn syrup.

  43. All Kraft sauces I have checked have High Fructose. Why is it on the list? Which one does not have HFCS? It should be listed by full name if there is any.

  44. Heinz BBQ sauces do not have HFCS. Maybe that confused with Kraft. I agree with others that Kraft uses HFCS. Follow the link on you list and look at an ingredients label. That said thanks for the work to prepare this list

  45. Corn starch is in some of these, if you have corn allergies like me you need to be aware of that as well.

  46. Think Rendezvous BBQ Sauce should be on this list.

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