How to Market Your BBQ Sauce: Ebook Affiliate Program Details

After receiving a huge demand from the BBQ community asking for it, I’m happy to announce that the BBQ Sauce Reviews How to Market Your BBQ Sauce Ebook Affiliate Program is here and it starts right now.

Join our Affiliate Program!

Here’s the rules:   

  • Affiliates will receive a whopping 30% of the purchase price. That is $5.99 per sale
  • Affiliates are paid for the previous month’s sales at the end of the first week of every month. For example, all of your June sales commissions will be paid on or before July 7.
  • Payments will be made through PayPal, so you must have a PayPal account in order to be an affiliate.
  • It’s open to everybody. Everybody!

Sound good? Here’s how you can get started:

Visit this link to sign up as an affiliate:   Join our Affiliate Program!

You’ll need to provide a name, email address and a few other things when you create your account. Once you’ve done that, sign in to your affiliate account at and grab your affiliate code – this is the link you will give to your readers, subscribers and detainees. When people click this link, they will be forwarded to the sales page for the How to Market Your BBQ Sauce Ebook, but any sales that happen during that visit to said sales page will be credited to your affiliate account.

Feel free to modify the link to your heart’s content, but do not change the URL that the link points to. This will result in your not being credited with the affiliate sale.

Fine Print

Here are the rules:

  • Act like a responsible adult and please don’t do anything dumb. For example, buying the product using your own affiliate code is a big no-no.
  • Refunds, extremely rare as they may be, will be the joint responsibility of myself and the affiliate in question. In other words, if a customer requests a refund on an affiliated sale, the affiliate will be responsible for 30% of the dough.
  • I reserve the right to make drastic, fundamental changes to how this works if I feel it’s necessary. I almost certainly won’t, but I just want it to be clear that this is my show.

I’ve managed to get my hands on a few banner images you guys can use on your sites if you so choose. You’re welcome to link directly to these images if you want, or download them and host them yourself:

So, there you have it.

As always, shoot me an email at if you have any questions about any of this.

Happy selling 🙂


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