La Pan’s Fiery Fusion BBQ Sauce (5/5)

I loved the original sauce (Foundation)  and this one is basically that same variation with a bit more heat.

It’s still a great sauce.  So the only thing left to decide if I need downgrade the sauce based on the new mix.

  • I tried it boneless chicken (grilled).  – No downgrade, still good.
  • I tried on a ham sandwich.  No downgrade, this was surprisingly good (mixed the sauce with mayo).
  • I tried it as a ketchup replacement for hamburgers and hot dog.  That was really good too.

Comparing this to “Foundation” and besides the obvious “more heat” factor, the sauce was just slightly a bit thicker.   But it was as good as the original if not better, and having maxed out my 1-5 scale with a 5 on the original leaves me no where further upwards to go.   I’m forced into giving the La Pan’s folks with another 5 star sauce.

As I described in the Foundation review, I went through the 4 stages of the La Pan’s mix:
  • Stage 1. Tomato – standard flavors are instantly recognizable – like a nice tomato paste.
  • Stage 2. Mustard – ahhh, there’s a lot of mustard in here.  And it’s not Dijon, it’s the yellow stuff.
  • Stage 3. Fruit – Hmm. there’s something in there that’s sweet but different.  It’s not just sugar, it’s not molasses, it’s fruity!
  • Stage 4. Heat – Gulp.  Hmmm. Ahhh, a little bit of heat going down the tubes.   Just enough to make it interesting.
But it happened a heckuva lot faster and with a lot more intensity… Like this:  TOMATO… MUSTARD… FRUIT!  DAMMMNNN THAT’S HOT.

Same great flavors and ingredients

Just like your ex… sweet at first then kicks your ass.

Now that is a funny way to describe it !!.  A perfect finish to a very interesting set of sauces. Try it out!



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  1. Brian thanks so much for another outstanding, yet thoughtful review. So glad you have enjoyed our sauces!

  2. Sounds GREAT!

  3. Rod Porkmore says

    Ed….You can hear the sauce? Now that’s a bad ars sauce!

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