Meat Mitch WHOMP BBQ Sauce (5/5)

Mitch Benjamin says this about his signature sauce:

Meat Mitch ‘Whomp’ BBQ sauce was created to win BBQ competitions. It has all the elements the judges are looking for, a beautiful glaze finish, a sweet, rich, depth and character and finishes with a little kick that says “Hello Jim!”

Well, sir – let’s see if the sauce can match the bold statements!


Great – like a dark rich KC Style BBQ sauce with a blast of vanilla… vanilla??


Very thick,and very gooey.  Could be one of the only slight negatives – it’s slow moving and sludge-like.  But you want a rich, thick, sauce to complement your meat – this could be really nice.


Pretty standard fare, with HFCS, and Worcestershire, liquid smoke, and some artificial colors and preservatives.  Probably not gluten-free (UPDATED 5/2/2012: It is Gluten-free). Contains Fish (anchovies in the Worcestershire)

Before Cooking Flavor

Great stuff, just take your favorite thick sweet BBQ Sauce and take a whiff.  Now add a little drop of vanilla extract to it. And there you go. The WHOMP sauce also has a nice subtle heat that creeps up on you slowly and before you know it your lips are tingly.  Not too hot at all though.

After Cooking Flavor

The heat dies down a tad, but the amount of sugars and the vanilla flavoring keeps the sweet turned up to 11.  If you don’t like it sweet, this is a sauce you might not want to meet.  But if sweet makes your heart beat, then Meat Mitch is a nice treat.  (what the hell am I talking about).

My “Beta” Taste Profile for Sauce Geeks

Bottom Line:

This sauce delivers on the promise of hitting your tastebuds WHOMP with something big and different.  In this sauce, it’s vanilla extract.   Who would have thought to add vanilla to BBQ Sauce?   Meat Mitch did, and it’s great.

I’d like to think that much like post-it notes and penicillin, discovering this sauce was a lucky accident.  Maybe one day,  he spilled a bottle of BBQ sauce onto a birthday cake covered in frosting and discovered the vanilla-BBQ reaction!

It’s sweet, it’s thick, it’s gooey, and as the British would say, it’s brilliant.   Be warned, for you traditionalists – it’s a little bit different.  I knew it was a 5 when I got to the bottom, threw it out, and missed it the next day.

Here’s website and Facebook pages… and you can get a great price on it here.

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  1. Yum !

    Vanilla in BBQ sauce ? Indeed, that sounds strange but I’m sure the combination works great !!

    I like the taste profile chart, good idea ! It might look even better with a spider chart – what do you think about ?

  2. Nick, what the heck is a spider chart?! I want to know!

  3. Oh it’s also named “radar chart” or “spider diagram”


  4. Brian, thanks for the great review! One note, Whomp! is Gluten Free. Looking forward to your review of the all-natural Meat Mitch Naked BBQ Sauce as well! Keep it going podsy!
    Meat Mitch

    • You’re welcome Mitch, thanks for sending and I made the update to call it the Gluten Free. Will get to the Naked BBQ sauce soon!


  5. Shommy Love says

    I spilled some of that Meat Mitch Sauce on my Sleeve and I ate half my Arm. That’s some good Sauce!!!

  6. aron morgan says

    I used the WOMP on burnt ends and they were gone as soon as they got set out! Glazed a pork butt with it and a young man of about 8 years ate streight from the pan until his mom ran him off! This stuff is great ! Thanks

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