Okie Steak House Barbecue Sauce (4/5)

When I first heard of and saw this bottle of BBQ Sauce from Okie’s Steakhouse, I was a bit skeptical.  I’ve had other BBQ Sauces from companies known for “steak sauce” and I really didn’t care much for it.  So my expectations were very low.  But when I tried this sauce, and then cooked with the sauce, I became a believer in this salty little number with a bite.

Lots of ingredients.

Nice story.

Yum (this is my grill pre-GrillGrates).

Nice dark color with SPECKS.  Loved the dark color and appearance of this sauce.

Here’s a spider chart that shows how I thought it tasted.   Thick, salty & spicy, with a mix of sweet, tangy and smoky flavors.

In the end, the sauce flavor surprised me but seemed to suffer a bit from just a few too many ingredients.  The end result is still tasty enough to be considered a 4 and if you like a sauce with a nice salty “bite” then you gotta check this one out.

It’s a worthy sauce with a salty bite and a good amount of complexity and a good cause – a dedication to a past father and owner of a successful steak house which became known for its great BBQ ribs.

Check out their website and consider giving this sauce a try!

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  1. Check out the June 2012 issue of Southern Living Magazine and read about Okie Steak House BBQ Sauce.

  2. I’m digging the spider chart!

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