Out of Afrika Safari Select BBQ Sauce and Dip (1/5)


It’s funny when a company wins an award and then slaps a proud emblem “Multi Award Winner” on all of their brands. The only award this particular one should win is “Most Grotesque BBQ Sauce Ever.”

Negative One – The Smell
Smells like someone puked up sweet-and-sour-sauce.

Negative Two – The Taste
Just odd and unnatural. My daughter could make better sauce, and she’s 1.

Negative Three – The Price
It costs $5 to pick up a bottle. The company should pay people to eat this stuff…

Ingredients: Water, sugar, apricots, tomato puree, white vinegar, sesame oil, dehydrated garlic, modified food starch, ginger, chili sauce (contains preservatives and sulfites) salt, herbs and spices, sesame seeds, xanthan gum, ginger powder, citric acid, potassium sorbate, onion powder, natural flavor, polysorbate 80.

Nutrition Info: 45 calories per 32g serving, 1g fat, 9g carbs, 120mg sodium

Link to Website? No, I wouldn’t do that to you.

BBQ Sauce Reviews Recommendation: this stuff should stay in Afrika.

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  1. haa haa yeah. I tried this awhile back and I agree. It’s BAD.

  2. Jonathon;
    Everyone is entitled to their opinion.
    But, “trashing” this sauce is really unjustified!
    Is it because it came from Afrika that its getting
    a bad rep? I have tasted this sauce; and think its an
    EXCELLENT one!!! Tried it stand alone on meats and have
    used it in baking and BBQ. But like I said before:
    Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Maybe you should
    try using it in other ways.

    • I like it too. I used it in my seafood stir fry and I thought it was delicious. I probably wouldn’t use it as a BBQ sauce because it is too thin. I recently served the same dish to company and they really enjoyed the flavor..

  3. Aaron Stewart says

    i like to add herbs and spices on the foods i cook.-‘.

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