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BBQ Sauce Competitions List for 2013

Here’s our updated list of BBQ sauce competitions or barbecue competitions with a sauce sub-competition that you should enter this year in 2013:   National BBQ Association Awards of Excellence When:  Jan 18 2013  (Entries due), will be judged Feb 19-23rd Where: Ina, Illinois In-Person(do you have to be there to enter): Not necessary Entry […]

Stubb’s Chicken Spice Rub

It’s been a while…  but I’m back!  Hope everyone is enjoying the sights, sounds, and smells of the holiday season.  Down here in North Carolina, it’s been unseasonably warm so far this winter.  It’s been absolutely perfect for firing up the grill and the smoker.  And when the smoker is fired up, you better believe […]

Top 10 Christmas Gift Ideas Under $100 for your Favorite Griller

Below are the Top 10 Christmas Gift Ideas Under $100 for your Favorite Griller that I picked from the great list of products I’ve had the opportunity to review here at BBQ Sauce Reviews. I feel these products would make for a fantastic Christmas gift for any griller. (This list is in no particular order…click on the product […]

BernzOmatic JT850 Self-Igniting Outdoor Torch

This week’s review is on the BernzOmatic JT850 Self-Igniting Outdoor Torch from BernzOmatic. The BernzOmatic JT850 Self-Igniting Outdoor Torch is designed to produce a high-output flame for various outdoor uses. For my review I used it to light charcoal in my 22.5″ Weber OTG kettle for one of our family weekend cookouts. It can also be used […]

How to Market Your BBQ Sauce: Ebook Affiliate Program Details

After receiving a huge demand from the BBQ community asking for it, I’m happy to announce that the BBQ Sauce Reviews How to Market Your BBQ Sauce Ebook Affiliate Program is here and it starts right now. Join our Affiliate Program! Here’s the rules:    Affiliates will receive a whopping 30% of the purchase price. That […]

How to Market and Sell Your BBQ or Hot Sauce

I wrote this 40 page, professionally-illustrated Ebook for independent producers of sauce makers called “How to Market Your BBQ Sauce.”   It is made for people starting from scratch and for those with an existing product on the market who want to how they can improve sales with an existing product. “Last year I downloaded […]

Sugar Chalet Sweet and Spicy Barbecue Sauce (4/5)

For years, I thought maple syrup was produced by Aunt Jemima. I thought she herself would tap all the Sugar Maple trees in her backyard and produce the sticky goo that flows out of the bottle (the one that is shaped like her). I secretly wished Aunt Jemima was my aunt, so I could never […]

2012 American Royal BBQ Sauce Competition Results

2012 American Royal BBQ Sauce Competition Results Here’s the winners, my friends, of what is currently the biggest barbecue sauce competition in the world (unless Iran is secretly doing something with all of those tomato’s they say they are using for something else). Best Sauce on the Planet Award: Lickin’s X-tra Thick Competition Sauce People’s […]


For this week’s review I was sent the CharBQ from Mikel Draghici at CharBQ. Co-creators and longtime friends, John Ingrassia and Mikel Draghici, created the CharBQ in 2009. The CharBQ is a great way to temporarily convert your existing gas grill into a charcoal grill. The CharBQ is made of stainless steel and is fully adjustable to fit most gas grills on […]

Wagon Wheel Market Santa Maria Style Seasoning

It’s good to be back!  After nearly a month on the road due to work, I’ve got a great rub review for you.  And the best part about it (at least for me): I didn’t have to cook it!  From Oroville, CA, let’s check out Wagon Wheel Market Santa Maria Style Seasoning. The Story For […]

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