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Phil’s Dream Pit Sweet Fire BBQ Sauce (4/5)

Phil’s sauces come from Phil, the owner of Phil’s Dream Pit in Kingsport TN and this sauce is a spicier rendition of their Original Sweet Sauce. Like the name implies, the sauce balances sweet and spice.  The sweet component is a fairly standard KC style flavor that is strongly reminiscent of a spiced ketchup […]

Man Cave Monday: Spatchcocked Chicken on the Grill

From John Setlzer: Every now and then I like to cook a whole chicken on the grill. Sometimes I just put them on as-is and other times I’ll ‘spatchcock’ the chicken so I can lay it fairly flat on the grill. When I cook a whole chicken, I typically cut the leg quarters off and […]

Black Tooth Inn Grilling Salsa – Spicy (4/5)

Like, the Mild equivalent, this sauce has great qualities – excellent design/label, all natural, great flavor, and provides a spicy kick for those who seek something hotter.  It adds habanero and is described as Arbol Habanero which translates to Habanero Tree. The details and special effects and label details are great – great copy-writing, design, […]

Black Tooth Inn Grilling Salsa – Mild (4/5)

Burbank California is billed as the “Media Capital of the World” and is the home for many of the studios and production facilities outside Hollywood. This sauce I bring to you today, Black Tooth Inn Guajillo Mocha Grilling Salsa, comes from Burbank and it shows. The sauce has great name appeal with “Black Tooth Inn” […]

Zoe’s Jerk BBQ Sauce (4/5)

This sauce – from Little’s and Lydees Foods Corp out of Chicago IL – has a lot going on.  It’s a jerk sauce, which can mean many things to different people, but in general the standard definition says the jerk sauce has Jamaican origins and typically includes allspice and scotch bonnet peppers … and can […]

Man Cave Monday: Pretzel Wrapped Cheddar Brats

The perfect thing for game day.

Free Sauce Friday: Slow Poke Spicy Apple BBQ Sauce

Free Sauce Friday is back and we’ve got a great giveaway from Chad Devine with Slowpoke BBQ Sauce – we’ll have 4 Winners! I gave their Spicy Apple variant 5 stars earlier this summer and it’s worth checking out if love love apple, sweet BBQ sauce, and a little heat. To enter to win, you […]

My Pick of the Top 5 Best Barbecue Thermometers

Below are my pick of the Top 5 Best Barbecue Thermometers on the market today. I feel these thermometers would be perfect for any backyard griller all the way up to competition BBQ teams. (This list is in no particular order…click on the product name to see its full review.) 1. Maverick PT-100BBQ Pro-Temp Thermometer The PT-100BBQ Pro-Temp Thermometer is […]

Man Cave Monday: How to Cook Hot Dogs

Like many of us backyard grillers, you probably thought you knew how to grill hot dogs. From spirals, to the hot-dog-o-pus, there as many advanced techniques, but you have to master the basics first! Man Cave Tip from John Setzler: Most hot dogs that I get from other grillers are usually dry and chewy because […]

Man Cave Monday: Atomic Buffalo Turds

Atomic Buffalo Turds are things of legend. Where did the name come from? Who made it first? Who dared eat the first turd?? Leave it to our friend John Setlzer to show you how to produce excellent turds – otherwise known as ABT’s.

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