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Review: Socks’ Love Rub

I love BBQ!  Plain and simple.  I love that BBQ people are some of the most genuine people that I know.  I love that BBQ allows ample opportunity for the little guy to succeed.  It’s only natural that I love Socks’ Love Rub. The Story Socks’ Love Rub is based out of Duluth, GA.  This […]

Big Wayner Rubs You The Right Way

It’s a good day.    No… it’s a great day! I’m proud to announce that the popular Wayne Brown (aka @brownkw aka Big Wayner) has agreed to write a few segments for BBQ Sauce Reviews – focused on reviews of the best BBQ Rubs.   His first official post for the site is coming up in a […]

Meat Mitch WHOMP BBQ Sauce (5/5)

Mitch Benjamin says this about his signature sauce: Meat Mitch ‘Whomp’ BBQ sauce was created to win BBQ competitions. It has all the elements the judges are looking for, a beautiful glaze finish, a sweet, rich, depth and character and finishes with a little kick that says “Hello Jim!” Well, sir – let’s see if […]

Free Sauce Friday: Hog Heaven

It’s Friday again and we’ve got another GREAT giveaway for you thanks to Ira from Hog Heaven BBQ Sauces.  Something slightly different.  These sauces are in pre-bottled stage and the business is still starting up so the prizes will be determined based on availability.  Anyway, I thought it was cool to give away a sauce […]

Stubbs Sweet Heat BBQ Sauce (3/5)

This new sauce from Stubbs combines the flavors of molasses, brown sugar, and chipotle to create something with a little heat and a little sweet kick that will give your tastebuds a lot of flavor to work with.  As with all of the Stubbs products, they use very high quality ingredients and are certified gluten-free, […]


For this week’s review I was sent the KettlePizza from George Peters Jr. at KettlePizza. KettlePizza started in early 2010 when owner Al Contarino came up with a new way to cook pizza on a Weber kettle grill. Builders at heart, Al and his business partner George Peters Jr. took on the challenge to design, manufacture […]


Hog Heaven Smokehouse BBQ Sauce (4/5)

“It wasn’t easy getting a Rabbi to bless a pig!,” says San Diego-based Hog Heaven founder, Ira Pupko.  He’s referring to the Kosher certification (denoted by a hechsher on the label) that is achieved through a fairly rigorous inspection process.  Ira says that the Kosher certification “was important to us, because it’s synonymous with quality.”  […]

Hog Heaven Apricot Jalapeno BBQ Sauce (5/5)

This is part of the Hog Heaven batch I received last week in pre-bottled stage.  The line-up also includes Smokehouse, Smokehouse Heat, and  Apple Chipotle. Aroma It smells almost like sweet apricot juice with a hint of jalapeno in the smell.  If I was wearing a blindfold and you put this in front of my […]

Hog Heaven Apple Chipotle (5/5)

This is part 2 of the Hog Heaven batch I received last week in pre-bottled stage.  The line-up also includes Smokehouse, Smokehouse Heat, and Apricot Jalapeno. Aroma It smells like a sweet Hostess Apple Pie with a subtle hint of BBQ sauce and something spicy. Mmm. Consistency Movement was thick, but not too thick. Natural.  […]

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