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Hog Heaven Smokehouse Heat BBQ Sauce (4/5)

This is part 2 of the Hog Heaven batch I received last week in pre-bottled stage.  The line-up also includes Smokehouse, Apricot Jalapeno, and Apple Chipotle. Aroma It’s got a nice aroma – like the Smokehouse original it smells like a classic, tomato-based BBQ sauce with strong notes of onion and smoke – this one […]

Free Sauce Friday: Carolina Sunshine T-Shirt & Sauce or Rub

It’s a GREAT day for a giveaway and we’ve got another one for you thanks to George from Carolina Sunshine. 4 winners will get a T-Shirt and their choice of 1 small bottle of sauce or rub! The T-shirt will have a logo similar to below image or the logo on the bottle above. The […]

Sauce People: Old Timer Rubs and BBQ Sauce

Linda & Bob Gantt run Old Timer BBQ Rubs and Sauces and their sauce top the top prize at the growing Getting Sauced event in Austin Texas in 2012. My 10 Questions to Linda & Bob: 1.  Who are you / who is the owner?   Does it have something to do with the name of […]

Traditional St. Patrick’s Day. With Fire.

Guest Post – Please Welcome Anson Kennedy! For Saint Patrick’s Day this year I wanted to use traditional ingredients in a nontraditional way. The classic Saint Paddy’s dinner is boiled corned beef with cabbage and potatoes. I decided I’d use the smoker and the grill instead of a pot of water. So I corned a […]

Support Pitmaster and Runner Paul Zonfrillo

A lot of people I know in the blogosphere have a day job…  me too. Mine is at EMC in Hopkinton Massachusetts as a marketing guy – so feel free to connect with me here.  With that said, I’ve got a buddy from work that is running the Boston Marathon and I wanted to tell […]

Nick’s Famous Bar-B-Q Sauce (3/5)

The story This is another sauce that was born out of a BBQ restaurant.  Nick’s Famous Barbecue is located at 2817 Clarksville Hwy., Nashville, TN 37208) and has been around for over 20 years and employs about 13 people.   I couldn’t find much of a story behind it on the web, although I was […]

Free Sauce Friday: Patterson’s Old Fashioned Mopping Sauce

Free Sauce Friday is back my friends !! And to start the BBQ Sauce Giveaway season in a big way, we’ll have a CRAZY 8 Winners thanks to the folks who make Patterson’s Mopping Sauce! Each winner will each get 3 bottles of sauce shipped to their home address. Yeah, we’re giving away 24 bottles […]

Grillware Griddle

For this week’s review I was sent the Grillware Griddle from Jes Wagner at Wilton Armetale. The Grillware Griddle is a griddle that can be used on your grill, stove top and in the oven. It’s crafted from a non-toxic aluminum-based alloy metal that is very durable and will not rust, break, crack or chip under normal usage. It’s […]

Carolina Sunshine Tangy: Western North Carolina Bar-B-Que Sauce (4/5)

Here’s an excerpt of the story from Carolina Sunshine’s website: … that “Secret Sauce”. That’s what we’ve got here. It has started fights, though thankfully I truly don’t recall anyone ever being killed. Oh, there have been spies, and marriage proposals, offers of luxury items and favors, but I am proud to say they all […]

Patterson’s Old Fashioned Mopping Sauce (4/5)

I love when I get a sauce that combines a great, unique flavor with a powerful and sincere story.  To the right of the centered logo and picture you can find this story: David Patterson left his Georgia family farm in 1943 when he was drafted into the Army. Before Christmas the following year, he […]

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