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Carolina Sunshine Tangy: Western North Carolina Bar-B-Que Sauce (4/5)

Here’s an excerpt of the story from Carolina Sunshine’s website: … that “Secret Sauce”. That’s what we’ve got here. It has started fights, though thankfully I truly don’t recall anyone ever being killed. Oh, there have been spies, and marriage proposals, offers of luxury items and favors, but I am proud to say they all […]

Patterson’s Old Fashioned Mopping Sauce (4/5)

I love when I get a sauce that combines a great, unique flavor with a powerful and sincere story.  To the right of the centered logo and picture you can find this story: David Patterson left his Georgia family farm in 1943 when he was drafted into the Army. Before Christmas the following year, he […]

Burger Pocket Press

For this week’s review I was sent the Burger Pocket Press from Michael Ajakie at the Burger Pocket Press Co. The Burger Pocket Press is a product that allows you to create stuffed burgers by enclosing your favorite ingredients between 2 burger patties. While cooking, these ingredients intertwine with the meat and make for a really flavorful […]


For this week’s review I was sent the Meatrake from Chris Johnson at Meatrake. The Meatrake is a BBQ tool that can be used to shred through pork, chicken and other meats. The Meatrake has a polypropylene handle that is ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in your hand. It also has orange plastic safety covers for when you […]

Trifecta BBQ Sauce Review (5/5)

Aroma:   Oniony Garlicy Jalapeno… oh yeah. Flavor Uncooked:  Fantastic Spicy Sweet, a a nice ketchup replacement with jalapeno undertones and garlic Flavor Cooked: Caramelizes nicely for BBQ chicken, jalapeno cheddar burgers (recommend Au Bon Pain jalapeno cheddar rolls) Ingredients: No strong negatives, but not gluten free for those with allergic sensitivities. Marketing/Label: Appearance is very […]

Orion Cooker

For this week’s review I was sent the Orion Cooker from Christian Fitzgerald, President of Orion Outdoors, Inc. Orion Outdoors is an outdoor consumer products company focused on bringing innovative product solutions to the outdoor living market. Founded in 2004, when they introduced their flagship product the Orion Cooker. Orion Outdoors is based in Atlanta, GA […]

Friday Giveaway: GrillPoppers

GIVEAWAY DETAILS! TO WIN, COMPLETE BOTH TASKS BELOW: 1: “Like” GrillPoppers on Facebook (click here) and say BBQ Sauce Reviews sent you!   AND 2: Leave a comment below and tell me what meat you plan on using for your first cook with your new GrillPoppers! 3 winner’s names will be announced on this post; random # […]

Review: Lil Hawks BBQ Sauce (4/5)

This is a nicely executed thin yet sweet sauce from Georgia. The bottle appearance is good and simple. It’s a guy holding a man-sized fork that is impaling a massive slab of ribs.  It’s a very small batch sauce as evidenced by the lack of nutritional information a UPC symbol and an address – but […]

Ro-Man Pork Puller

For this week’s review I was sent the Ro-Man Pork Puller from Rob Mandeville, owner of the Ro-Man Pork Puller Co. The Ro-Man Pork Puller is made of solid stainless steel. It’s around 14 inches long and the disc is 5 inches wide with 6 welded 2 inch long spikes. The shaft of the Ro-Man Pork Puller fits into a […]

The Fat Redneck “That Yellow Sauce” (5/5)

I love it when I’m surprised by sauce. It reminds of days going into Boston when I was growing up – a group of friends would pack into the car and spend hours rummaging for deals on CD’s.  The joy of finding a gem in the clearance rack or taking a risk on an unknown […]

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