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Kitty’s Memphis Style Barbecue and Dip Sauce (4/5)

First impressions are very important. And on a BBQ Sauce bottle, the packaging says a lot about your product. Labels are your most important sales tool when you can’t be there to sell the sauce yourself and talk about what’s inside the sauce.   Kitty’s Memphis Style Barbecue and Dip Sauce starts out on the right […]

Free Sauce Friday: Dimples BBQ Sauce

When you BBQ, you invite friends. When you’re with friends, you smile. When you smile, you get Dimples. Or you can skip the song and dance and get straight to Dimples by getting a bottle of Dimple’s BBQ Sauce delivered free to your door.   Free Sauce Friday rocks!! We will have 5 winners for this […]

Low Carb and Low Sugar BBQ Sauces

I just received a reader email that asks me: I’ve just started a low-carb diet and I was wondering if you have a list of low-carb and sugar-free BBQ sauce’s that you could share? Here’s a list of low carb BBQ sauces for you to try. AlternaSweets Sweet and Smoky BBQ Sauce (3/5) Scott’s Family […]

Free Sauce Friday: Papa Woody’s BBQ Sauce

I have three bottles of Papa Woody’s BBQ Sauce to give away. This is really tasty stuff and the winner will be randomly selected! You need javascript enabled to see this giveaway.

Cookie’s BBQ Sauce (4/5)

I’ve found that people from the Midwest are all real.   Huh?   What do I mean by that?    Well, they tend to be straight-up, honest, with no BS, no hidden agenda, and no accent. Cookies BBQ Sauce is a product of Iowa and like it’s Midwestern friends, it is also simple, straight-up, and […]

Stubbs Original BBQ Sauce (3/5)

Stubbs offers up an antidote for folks who don’t like the “traditional BBQ sauce” – the typical thick and sweet KC-style BBQ sauces.       The Original Bar-B-Q sauce is very thin and has a tangy, sweet, salty kinda vibe going to it – without any smokiness, chunks, or heat.   I thought the taste was decent – […]

Snap Infusion Tarts and Gum

Functional foods are an interesting bunch.  They are foods with added stuff that are intended to have a positive effect on your health: More vitamins into your water (Vitamin Water). More veggies in your drinks (V8). More vitamins and stuff in your cereal … Total Raisin Bran. Enter Andover, Massachusetts based Snap Infusion, a company […]

Nephew’s Haban Orange (5/5)

Oh man this stuff is good.   It was one of these sauces in my fridge that I kept coming back to again and again and again.   I tried it on ribs, chicken, and burgers – and loved it.  I dipped french fries and bread and crackers  into it too.  Once, I took the bottle up […]

Kyle’s List

Like me, Kyle Maker is a BBQ Sauce collector and fanatic. His current collection is shown below and words and pictures. Updated 11/5/2011 To send him a sauce and get on the list, send me an email ( and let me know – I will connect you with the man.   BBQ Sauce 10/26/11 1st […]

Free Sauce Friday: Cookies BBQ Sauce

Winners will receive: Grand prize (1) – One bottle of each of our sauce flavors (Original, Sweet Hickory, Country Blend & Western) Runner-up prizes (2) – One bottle of our Original BBQ sauce I haven’t tried it yet, but a lot of folks out there tell me it’s great!! Good luck! HOW TO WIN This […]

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