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Free Sauce Friday: SuckleBusters BBQ Sauce

You heard it right.   This sauce is called Sucklebusters.   They make 4 tasty BBQ sauces and some other seasonings and sauces – like their new line-up of salsas! There will be 3 lucky winners – each will receive a SuckleBusters BBQ Sauce Combo. What’s in a combo?  Glad you asked. The SuckleBusters BBQ Sauce […]

BBQ Sauce Reviews on the Hot Sauce Weekly Podcast!

I had such a great time last night on the Meager’s Hot Sauce Weekly Podcast talking BBQ sauce reviews! The stars: Clockwise from top left – Cyndi Allison, Larry Gaian, “Big Wayner” and me. Check it out if you want to find out more about us and BBQ Sauces! You’ll learn a few fun things […]

Papa Woody’s BBQ Sauce (4/5)

I’m not sure what the owner of Papa Woody’s Luke Schuenke does for his day job (i.e. Plan A), but getting going on a business making tasty BBQ sauce and seasonings appears to be Plan B.   His company “Plan-B Sauces and Seasonings” offers up this tasty treat: original Papa Woody’s Appalachian style BBQ sauce (straight […]

Free Sauce Friday: RavensBark BBQ Sauces

Here’s another great giveaway – I always love when the sauce vendor is willing to go above and beyond a “typical giveaway” of a few sauces.  This Free Sauce Friday will have 10 winners!! PRIZES Grand prize is a RavensBark full sized (Sampler Pack-4 flavors) & $25 AMEX gift card (CHA CHING!! $$$$) Second prize is a […]

Flaxmilk: The Cure for BBQ Hangovers?

I thought it might be nice to randomly review a few things folks have sent me recently, so here is Flaxmilk, the World’s first Flax-Based Milk. It’s made made in North Dakota, and it’s an all natural dairy-free product stocked by … Walmart. It’s funny that you have to go to Walmart to get this […]

RavensBark: The Hickory BBQ Sauce (5/5)

The Label I liked the naming style… THE General, THE Hickory and so on (so I borrowed the idea for this entire blog post), but found the label to be a little distracting.  I found it to be a bit on the “I did this myself with photoshop and my own printer” kinda feel… And […]

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Sauce Giveaways

How BBQ Sauce Giveaways Work on BBQ Sauce Reviews WHY GIVEAWAY SAUCE? People love free stuff and your business needs more exposure.  My site connects these two goals.  My site is ranked high for “best bbq sauces” (between 1-5 in Google) and gets a LOT of traffic from real BBQ sauce lovers.  Giving free samples […]

Uncle Kenny’s Barbeque Sauce (3/5)

Uncle Kenny’s Barbeque Sauce is a tasty sauce within a sauce.   Or a sauce made from another sauce.   Hmm.  What I’m trying to say is that it’s bottle of someone’s sauce with a few ingredients added.  Which I’m OK with in principle – you pretty much take the work out of recipe and sauce development […]

36 WINNERS: Country Chef Grilling Sauce

Mike Espey is not joking around about his COUNTRY CHEF GRILLING SAUCE.   He recently renamed it from BBQ Sauce to Grilling Sauce, changed the label, got a nice write-up from “Yes You Can Grill” aka Cyndi Allison, GrillingWithRich, and Big Wayner, and he’s also working with us at BBQ Sauce Reviews to give away 36 […]

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