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Free Sauce Friday: Jack Stack BBQ Sauce!

Is there any thing better than Free Sauce Friday? This time we will have 4 winners thanks to JACK STACK BBQ “The Most Popular BBQ Restaurant in Kansas City” (Zagat 2011) Grand Prize/1st place: A $25 gift card to the Jack Stack BBQ store 2nd, 3rd, 4th place: Original Sauce and Rub Gift Pack $16.95 […]

Mad Dog Chipotle BBQ Sauce (5/5)

David “Mad Dog” Ashley knows how to make a sauce and once again has chosen the best ingredients versus cutting costs with cheap sweeteners and artificial enhancement.  From the use of actual tomatoes (versus ketchup or concentrate) to the choice of secret spices – and the natural sweetness of molasses, the sauce hits your taste […]

Best Backyard BBQ Sauce (2/5)

Well…  If this is the best backyard BBQ, then I’m done with BBQ and backyards.  🙂 It is relatively clear that this sauce is the product of a search engine optimizer versus a lover of sauce.  For one, if they were going to produce a “best backyard BBQ” sauce, then their best bet would have […]

Free Stuff Friday: BBQ Sauce Reviews Gear

This week, I’m taking a free SAUCE Friday break and giving out BBQ Sauce Reviews gear from the BBQ Sauce Reviews store! I want to thank you all for supporting my passion for BBQ and BBQ Sauce.   You’re helping me create a creating a fun little business and I’ve met dozens of you – all […]

Guy Fieri Carolina Mop & Slop Sauce (4/5)

Like an artichoke, some foods need a little bit of training to go with them.   For example, Eastern NC Sauce is watery and super thin and sometimes called “Mop Sauce”… So how does a guy from Boston cook with this stuff? Mop sauces can be used for roasting a pig, or for putting in a […]

Guy Fieri Kansas City Barbeque Sauce (4/5)

This sauce was true to its name.  A traditional, Kansas City Smoky and Sweet flavored BBQ sauce with a little extra black pepper, garlic, and onion.  Very smooth and mild.  I tried it on some BBQ chicken for my lunch during a Guy Fieri-sponsored Free Sauce Friday, as I watched all the comments flow in […]

Guy Fieri Pacific Rim Wok & Sauce (4/5)

Guy Fieri’s Pacific Rim Barbecue and Wok Sauce is Wok’N, get it?     Wok’n.  Rockin’?   Yes!   I like to make my own guacamole and I’ve joked about packaging it up and calling it Guac and Roll.  But instead, I’ve decided to focus on filling up my house with as much BBQ sauce as […]

Free Sauce Friday: Nephew’s BBQ Sauce

3 Winners will receive their choice of Nephew’s fine BBQ Sauce… Award Winning Flavors include: Peach, Pumpkin, Cherry, Angry, and Orange To win, you must complete all three tasks below: You Must “Like” Nephew’s BBQ Sauce on Facebook You Must Comment below – “What Nephew’s Sauce Would you Pick?” Visit the NEW BBQ SAUCE REVIEWS […]

Easy Peasy BBQ Insurance Barbecue Sauce (5/5)

David Moncur, Founder, Easy Peasy Foods on why he started Easy Peasy Foods: “After spending most of my adult life going to bad Saturday backyard barbeques, I decided I was sick and tired of dry chicken and blah, burnt, or just bad barbeque. No one seemed to know what a marinade was or how to […]

BBQPHX Barbecue Sauce (4/5)

According to their website, BBQPHX is: Tracy- Head Chef/Mad Scientist Kris Grill (Yes, That’s Her Real Name)- Executive Sous Chef And Chief Sanity Officer Carlile- People’s Choice Whipper-Upper Extraordinaire Kathleen A.K.A. Bunny- Vice Provost Of The Schmooze It’s a catering company and competition team who loves food and loves barbeque. They first made this sauce […]

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