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Cattle Boyz Original BBQ Sauce (4/5)

I like the secret ingredient in this one is the mix of a darkly sweet, molasses-based BBQ sauce flavor mixed with mustard and mustard bran. The mustard bran adds a little texture and almost a crunch to the sauce, much like adding little tiny bits of graham crackers to your yogurt. In a BBQ sauce, this is good or bad depending on your preference. Some questionable ingredients: Artificial color, modified corn starch, hydrolyzed soy proteins.

Friday Giveaway: Grumpy’s BBQ Sauces

Friday Giveaway: Grumpy’s BBQ Sauces

Grumpy’s Bold XX BBQ Sauce (5/5)

In late 2004 Jeff started up Grumpy’s with two sauces:  Grumpy’s Bold XX (spicy) and Not So Bold (sweet).     He describes it as a KC style BBQ sauce, but that doesn’t do enough to describe what’s happening in this bottle. The way I see it… there tends to be 2 kinds of people.  There are […]

Grumpy’s Goodnight Loving BBQ Sauce (4/5)

In 2006, Jeff Greenberg of Grumpy’s foods set out to make a sauce similar to the one at a local Texas-style BBQ joint in Denver called Frank’s Barbecue.  While he admits he may not have perfected a clone of Frank’s sauce, the flavors did come out great and won a few Scoville awards in 2007 […]

Grumpy’s Not So Bold BBQ Sauce (3/5)

One of the original 2 sauces produced by Grumpy’s , the Not So Bold sauce is described as a Sweet BBQ Sauce.  And usually that’s not enough to describe most sauces with their nuances and different choice of sweeteners and whether they have smoke or spice and so on…  but for this sauce, it’s almost […]

Nephew’s Peachy ‘Potle BBQ Sauce (4/5)

This is a solid sauce with a good texture and a very good taste to go with it – Nephew’s knows how to mix fruit with BBQ Sauce. The trick is (I think) to make it a subtle yet noticeable characteristic whereas a trace of the marketed fruit component remains in the forefront of the sauce flavor profile. The sauce is a great mix of tang, peach, chipotle, and traditional bbq sauce.

Friday Giveaway: Pigchaser BBQ Sauces!

Prize:  The first 10 commenters on this post will get their choice of 1 out of 4 sauces shown above and described below. To Win, Simply: Write which sauce you’d want to try Describe what you’d put it on Sauce descriptions from Ron, Owner of Pigchaser: Original: I have always wanted to create a sauce […]

Pigchaser Pineapple Mango BBQ Sauce (4/5)

Anyway – this sauce is good, almost great – a sweet thick BBQ sauce with enough Pineapple and Mango to add some fun. There are chunks of real pineapple and mango floating around in the bottle and the consistency is also excellent and thickens up nicely when grilled. There are no offensive ingredients in the bottle but it lacked complexity (I would have liked a little heat in here) and the label is kinda lame – but a good joke like the cows in the chick-filet commercials … but if this is on the store shelves, it’s not sure this label is selling me to pick it up.

Best Boston Local BBQ Sauces rated by Gary @ Pigtrip!

I had the pleasure of meeting Gary from Pigtrip last weekend. I had been reading his stuff for years – looking for recommendations on the food and scenery for some local BBQ places near me. He’s like the Phantom Gourmet for BBQ places in the Northeast and I’m trying to keep him from quitting permanently […]

Grandma Foster’s Smooth and Mild (4/5)

Grandma Foster’s Smooth and Mild (4/5) BBQ Sauce Review

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