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Blenders Spicy Barbecue Sauce (4/5)

Jeri Blender needs to be commended here; she was doing all-natural sauces long before it was cool. And if you get the chance, I have to point out that this product also has some of the best marketing I’ve seen with an amazing story, and long history, great colors schemes and brand identity, and a great website to match.

Hannaford Honey Barbecue Sauce (2/5)

Although I think Hannaford is a decent grocery market and brand offering a lot of organic and healthy options, this is one department in which they could improve. Texture is super thick (again, unnaturally thick) and the taste isn’t awful but it also isn’t great. It’s got a little bit of a chemical aftertaste and tastes like it’s not really a food product but a factory product.

Four Rivers Smoke House Barbecue Sauce (2/5)

The sauce itself is a bit odd tasting to me, and somewhat unremarkable. Appearance is decent, normally but not natural (lots of specks of spices) or unique . Aroma almost smells like a marinara sauce… very tomato buttery. The flavor is close to this as well. This would make a great sauce if it was a bit thicker and maybe would taste better if marketed as a hybrid/spaghetti BBQ sauce. Ingredients are fairly standard and include HFCS and Worcestershire as well as butter and honey.

Captain Curt’s Lemon Honey Boss Sauce (5/5)

I like the bottle, and I like the branding; it’s simple yet effective. I want to find out more about the guy and when you find a video of him or hear about stories of people who’ve met him, it usually lives up to the hype. The sauce pours thin has but has good color and a quality flavor. The taste is great – lots of complexity and variety in there – not your run of the mill average KC BBQ sauce. This is a winner. Flavor gives me bay leaves and allspice and coriander cinnamon ginger and cloves… with a slight hint of lemon. I didn’t really taste the honey which is OK by me, because some sauces that market “flavored with honey”. end up tasting a bit too strong. Decent ingredients overall, but it does contain HFCS.

BBQ Sauce Giveaway: Tex Morgan

BBQ Sauce Giveaway: Tex Morgan

Big Tex Morgan’s Western BBQ Sauce (4/5)

Kim, the current owner of Big Tex Morgan’s says, “This is a sauce I learned to make from my Dad. It was past down from his Dad. For years only friends and family where able to enjoy this sauce. Now I hope to let others enjoy what I’ve enjoyed since childhood.” And it’s a great thing you did. What we have here is a somewhat traditional, KC-style sauce, loaded with chunks of real onion for a mild smooth sweet taste with a dark undertone of molasses from the brown sugar and just enough smoke to make it interesting.

BBQ Stu’s X-Xtra Hot Steel City Blast Furnace (4/5)

Ingredients are standard fare HFCS and the elusive (is it good or bad or neutral) modified food starch along with BBQ Stu’s usual hint of pineapple. The flavor is great – excellent spicy BBQ sauce base with pineapple – but I expected more heat from the proclamations made on the label, I would have poured this on if I knew how much of a mild heat this produces (not a bad thing by the way, I can’t stand those super-hot sauces). Consistency is a bit on the watery side but had enough cling for this griller.

Low Carb and Sugar-Free BBQ Sauces

Low Carb and Sugar-Free BBQ Sauces

McCane’s Vidalia Pit Sauce (4/5)

The sauce has a great onion flavor achieved by using 14% Vidalia sweet onions which are native to the state in which this fine BBQ Sauce was produced. It’s got a good thickness and mouthfeel that is loaded with pepper and onion chunks. If you like onions this one will be right up yer alley.

BBQ Sauce Competition List | 2011

Here’s a list of the BBQ Sauce Competitions or BBQ competitions that have a sauce sub competition that you could enter this year: Memphis in May When: May 12-14 Where: Memphis, TN In-Person (do you have to be there to enter)? Yes Entry Fee? Yes Naperville Rib Fest When: July 1-4 2011 Where: Naperville, IL […]

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