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World Harbors Australian Style, Sweet Ginger Bar-B (5/5)

Last time I reviewed a World Harbors’ product, it was their spin-off buccaneer blends.  My lesson learned: never buy BBQ sauce from Christmas Tree Shops. The “mesquite” BBQ sauce was horrible and had a weird aftertaste.  This sauce, however, this sauce was great for a Christmas dinner atop a Delmonico steak. Smell very strong sweet ginger smell […]

Rasta Joe’s Island Fire (2/5)

Rasta Joe.  Oh Rasta Joe Mon.    Please mon, dont put da rum in da bottle.  No rum in da bottle, no cry! Like Rasta Joe’s Sweet BBQ sauce, this one scored well in smell, consistency, and label/marketing  – but the addition of (and maybe the quantify of) Jamaican rum almost makes this sauce unpalatable.  Bottom […]

Piper’s Pit Buffalo Ranch Sauce (4/5)

When I opened up the package and saw a bright orange color instead of BBQ sauce brown, I thought to myself, “what is unclear about the name BBQ Sauce Reviews?”   Why should I consider reviewing a sauce that is clearly NOT a BBQ Sauce?  Why lose my focus, when my true love is BBQ sauce? […]

Momm’s Famous BBQ Sauce (2/5)

It’s not inedible, it’s just different.  Almost like a combination between Russian dressing, a vodka pasta sauce, and BBQ Sauce, it’s not what I consider to be a natural complement to backyard grilling.  The mixture seemed to have gone slightly wrong somewhere and wow, I couldn’t even sit near the bottle too long with the […]

Backyard Grill BBQ Sauce Review (4/5)

Before looking at the ingredients, its a full-flavored KC-style sauce with a solid onion-garlic infusion that I would recommend to anyone looking for a flavorful KC style sauce with a little extra spice.  Nothing too fancy or different, but tasty. After looking at the ingredients, the perspective changes and you get a different picture altogether…

Tarheel Premium BBQ Sauce (2/5)

AJ’s Mesquite Barbecue Sauce (5/5)

First impressions can be deceiving. A quick glance at this bottle, and you might be inclined to expect a generic taste from a mass marketer of multiple types of foods – all of which probably don’t taste all that good. But I love it when I’m wrong.

Nebby’s Best Barbecue Sauce (4/5)

It’s all about the fire and what happens in it.  And although it took me awhile to realize it for this particular sauce, Nebby had this figured out from the start and remained confident that his sauce would stand up to my criticism.  This is a story of a sauce that at first glance appeared […]

Grandville’s Gourmet BBQ Sauce – Tropical (5/5)

I think a lot of companies get the execution of fruit-based BBQ sauces wrong.   The concept of eating barbecue sauce with fruit is a bit odd for some who are used to garden variety (no pun intended) sauces that don’t taste much like typical fruits and vegetables.

Olde Cape Cod Chipotle (1/5)

In a previous BBQ Sauce Review, I’ve tried to advise others to avoid the Christmas Tree Shoppes when purchasing BBQ sauces. I should take my own damn advice. I don’t even know why I bother to review this stuff. I guess it shows a nice balance of the good and the really bad. Not everything can be a 3, 4, or a 5.

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