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Captain Curts Famous Boss Sauce – Hot (4/5)

A great tasting sauce. Not too much variation from the mild sauce in terms of flavor, but I noticed something slightly unusual here – usually on a label for spicy BBQ sauces, you can quickly determine what ingredient is making the sauce hot.  Usually it’s some kind of pepper, either in spice, extract, or natural […]

Fork ‘N Halo BBQ Fire and Brimstone Sauce (3/5)

Like breaking off a little piece of Hell and mixing it with some vinegar and tomato sauce, this stuff will certainly torture you with heat.  If you believe your mouth should deserve the fire and brimstone treatment, then you might like it.  If you’ve been reading me for a little while, you might know that […]

World Harbors Mesquite BBQ Sauce (2/5)

Buying BBQ sauce at Christmas Tree Shops is so backwards it’s funny – wrong season, wrong store.  I can safely bet that the bargain shoppers that this store appeals to wouldn’t dare spend more than 2 dollars on a BBQ sauce, and that’s a shame. There’s some really incredible stuff out there, but not available […]

BBQ Sauce Giveaway Winners (5&14)

Looks like BrooklynQ and RyDogg win this time.   Congratulations to these fine BBQ’ers!! I will be contacting you to get your mailing address and have David Ashley send you a sampler pack of these fine sauces. For everyone else, I’m sorry. Please don’t be sad and think “oh i never win contests.”  We will try […]

BBQ Sauce Giveaway: Mad Dog Sampler

I really love sauces that mix the mild with the mysterious, provide the sweet and a special treat, and add  thrill to my grill.  Sorry, I was just watching Captain Curt’s video again, and was caught up in a world of BBQ rhyme. And if Captain Curt’s sauce represents the Don King of the BBQ […]

Rasta Joe’s Sweet BBQ Sauce (3/5)

This is my 3 yr old daughter’s favorite sauce. I pointed to the 15 sauces on the fridge shelf and asked her which sauce she liked best. She said, “the one with the piggy.”

Country Bob’s Barbeque Sauce (2/5)

Country Bob is a great guy and a marketing machine – maybe it’s because Christ is his C.E.O. (it says that on the website and all of the marketing materials feature heavy usage of bible passages).  However, if one looks past the biblical references, there’s a lot this company is doing right – distribution at […]

Grumpy’s Black Label BBQ Sauce (5/5)

In 2007, Jeff Greenberg from Grumpy’s food set out to make a spicy sauce with a real smoky cumin taste. The result was Black Label. Excellent ingredients, label, taste, smell, consistency.  A great balance of sweet, spice, and tang that won’t burn your mouth off.  The addition of natural hot sauce, habanero powder, cayenne peppers, […]

Blue Ribbon Carolina BBQ Sauce (4/5)

A great tasting BBQ sauce from a great BBQ joint in Massachusetts (yes that’s where I’m writing from).  This hits the mark with a combination of great taste, smell, and packaging.  I love the tallboy-style glass bottle for BBQ sauces. I was a little surprised at how thin it was (not the best for backyard […]

BBQ’n Fools Signature Teriyaki Pepper (5/5)

Best way to describe this is a nice gooey teriyaki/soy sauce with a little bit of heat.  This asian-style sauce is far from the traditional KC-style BBQ sauce we’re all so used to seeing and trying – no tomatoes, no vinegar.  This Yaki sauce has served me well in kicking up several of my favorites […]

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