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Head’s Red BBQ Sauce (5/5)

I’ve had various varieties come in from all over the world country, and I gotta say this sauce stacks way up there. With it’s deep red hue and a deep complex flavor to match, this sauce has been my favorite around the house for the past few weeks. In fact, it’s the only sauce my wife has been referring to by name. The other ones she just kinda points at – this one? Or how bout this one? 🙂 For that and for the reasons listed herein, it gets my highest rating of 5 stars.

BBQ Stu’s Barbeque Sauce – Original (4/5)

Psalm 34:8 says “O taste and see that the LORD is good: blessed is the man that trusteth in him.”  The words “Psalm 34:8” also sit on the side of this BBQ sauce.  I wonder how long it took these guys to comb through the psalms to find a fitting reference for their BBQ sauce? I […]

BBQ’N Fools Signature Barbecue Sauce (3/5)

When it comes to your BBQ, we’re not Fool’n around – so says the slogan underneath the roasted jester. And I’d agree, they aren’t foolin around with this standard KC style BBQ sauce, but I have to say there’s not a lot different or outrageuously flavorful going on here.

Promote Your Products

When people search for “the best BBQ sauce” or “the best BBQ smoker” wouldn’t you like your company to show up? BBQ Sauce Reviews we can help.  We review BBQ sauces, rubs, and tools such as thermometers, grills, and smokers and help your products get noticed in a number of ways.  You can Get Reviewed – […]

Ol West BBQ & Dippin Sauce (4/5)

This is very good BBQ from South Dakota… it has got to be close to one of the sweetest sauces I think I’ve ever had. Brown Sugar is ingredient numero uno. But hey, people might be looking for that, so I didn’t mark any points against them for that. What I really liked about the […]

Salt Lick Original Recipe Bar-B-Que Sauce (5/5)

Not too long ago, my sister Julie and her husband Kevin brought me back a great sauce from a recent trip to Austin. They lived there for awhile and told me some of the cool things to do and have always had a sense of the local scene where ever they happened to live – […]

Fork ‘N Halo Original Sin BBQ Sauce (4/5)

Holy Honey Bees Batman! This stuff is different. It’s got some majorly positive qualities going for it – awesome packaging, consistency and high-quality, natural ingredients (avoidance of corn syrups and refined sugar), but the side-effect is a unexpectedly strong honey taste. Once again, natural vs flavor beat each other up in this BBQ Death Match. 

Borderline Gourmet Chipotle BBQ Sauce & Marinade (1/5)

After a new baby daughter and a hard drive crash, I’m back up and saucing. So first off, thanks to the friendly woman who sent me the free samples of Borderline Gourmet’s Chipotle and Habanero. And aahh… well… you just might not want to read the rest…

Best BBQ Sauce

When I tell people I have a website in which I review BBQ sauces, the first thing they ask me is “OK ‘Mr BBQ sauce guy,’ what is the BEST one?” And it’s not always an easy answer. There’s fruity sauces, natural sauces, smoky sauces, mustard-based sauces, and much more. The below list is an […]

Trader Joe’s Bold and Smoky Kansas City Style Barbecue Sauce (5/5)

Awesome stuff. If you love the sweet/bold/smokiness of Bullseye BBQ sauce, with some additional onion and spice flavors added, you’ll love TJ’s Bold and Smoky KC Style BBQ Sauce. And if you don’t have a Trader Joe’s near you, well… you should move. 🙂

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