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Caribbean Calypso Island Hoppin’ BBQ Sauce & Dip (5/5)

By now, only on my third review for BBQ Sauce Reviews, I’m startin’ to notice a lot of g’s missin’ in the packagin’. I guess it’s how most of these sauces are marketed – as kinda casual and fun – as the process of grilling and eating BBQ’d foods is inherently fun. Although this Caribbean […]

Charley Biggs’ All Naturals Sweet Bourbon Barbeque Grilling and Dipping Sauce (3/5)

Positive: High scores due to creative use of natural ingredients and flavor. Negative: Similar taste can probably be achieved by adding a little Worcestershire Sauce to a giant national brand. Marketed as natural, gluten-free BBQ Sauces, Charley Biggs’ has several flavors to choose from, including Hot Pepper, Sweet Bourbon, and Maine Apple, which pays respect […]

Wisconsin BBQ Sauce

Wisconsin BBQ Sauce has a smoky taste, is known to be spicy, and is not sweet.

Texas BBQ Sauce

Texas BBQ Sauce is usually tomato based with hot chiles, cumin, and less sweet than usual.

St Louis BBQ Sauce

St Louis BBQ Sauce is generally tomato-based, thinned with vinegar, sweet and spicy. It is not as sweet and thick as Kansas City-style barbecue sauce, nor as spicy-hot and thin as Texas-style.

South Carolina BBQ Sauce

From Wikipedia: South Carolina is the only state to have four types of barbecue sauces: mustard, vinegar, heavy tomato, and light tomato. The meat used in South Carolina is consistent throughout the state, slow-cooked pulled pork. In the Palmetto State, barbecue is a noun, meaning hickory-smoked, pulled pork. You will never hear a South Carolinian […]

Kansas City BBQ

Kansas City BBQ Sauce is thick, red-brown, and contains tomato and molasses…

Georgia BBQ Sauce

“Traditional” Georgia BBQ Sauce features a ketchup base flavored with garlic, onion, black pepper, brown sugar, and occasionally bourbon…

Arkansas BBQ Sauce

Arkansas BBQ Sauce has a thin vinegar and tomato base, spiced with pepper and slightly sweetened by molasses…

Alabama BBQ Sauce

Alabama BBQ Sauce is a traditionally mustard and vinegar based and seasoned with roasted or smoked chile peppers, although a white, mayonnaise based sauce is equally popular in the Northwest regions of the state…

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