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Top 5 Christmas Gift Ideas Under $100 for your Favorite Griller

Below are the Top 5 Christmas Gift Ideas Under $100 for your Favorite Griller that I picked from the great list of products I’ve had the opportunity to review here at BBQ Sauce Reviews. I feel these products would make for a fantastic Christmas gift for any griller. (This list is in no particular order…click on the product […]

Smoke Daddy Pellet Pro Grill

This week’s review is on the Pellet Pro Grill (CPG-627) from Smoke Daddy, Inc. The Pellet Pro Grill is a wood pellet grill made from 14 gauge steel with a high temperature durable powder coat finish and a total cooking area of 627 sq. inches with the included upper cooking rack. It has a large interior and a nice amount […]

The Wright Sauce Honey Habanero Bacon (3/5)

I was contacted by the owner of this sauce who was extremely enthusiastic about his sauce that had recently been featured on the show Supermarket Superstar on the Lifetime Network. Cool. Just so you know, I try as best I can to go into judging blind. I try to not read any other reviews or […]

Puppum’s Three Dogs Spicy Habanero BBQ Sauce (4/5)

It’s a dog-sauce-dog world for the makers of this sauce based in Wakefield, Rhode Island. And although Rhode Island is the smallest state in the country, this sauce packs a big, stately flavor. Outside the Bottle The label is great and clearly the design of a professional.  It’s called Three Dogs and appropriately, we see the three […]

Ripple Lady’s Rib Rub

This is a review for a product that is not yet available for sale – Ripple Lady’s Rib Rub. If you have a rub you’d like reviewed, just let me know here! This rub has a great consistency and outstanding flavor.  It’s got the sweet, the heat, and great overall flavor. It also caramelizes nicely […]

RippleMan’s Rib-N-Dippin’ Sauce

Are you a Dead Head?  Then you need RippleMan’s Rib-N-Dippin’ Sauce This is actually an analysis for the not-yet-commercial sauce known as Ripple BBQ Sauce.   Although it’s not commercially available, I reviewed it with the same rigor applied towards a traditional sauce. Yes, I do this…  And for those of you out there with a […]

Smokey Dave’s Bird Bath and Grilling Sauce (3/5)

Recently I had North Carolina-based David Burch send me a bottle of his Smokey Dave’s Bird Bath and Grilling Sauce for review. Outside the Bottle I really like the concept behind this sauce. It’s focused on a particular area versus calling itself a jack of all trades. Too many sauces do the opposite and tell […]

Owen’s BBQ Tatonka Dust (4/5)

I like this North Dakota based rub because they start out saying right away “we’re different.”   Their motto on the front is Stand Out from the Herd.  Be Original.  They use a bulls head on the logo.  And it’s from North Dakota – not exactly the BBQ business capital of the world. So what […]

Smokin’ Guns BBQ Sweet Heat Rub (4/5)

This very popular BBQ rub was recommended to me at a recent trip to the KC BBQ Superstore. The gentleman working the counter that day said that many teams use this in competitions.  And I can see why. The simple “Western Style” label is good and pretty much tells you what it is. They say […]

OptiGrill by T-fal

This week’s review is on the OptiGrill by T-fal. The OptiGrill is an indoor grill that automatically cooks different types of foods based on sensors and thickness of the food. It has 6 predefined settings, with the option to defrost food, as well as a manual cooking mode for grilling fruits and vegetables or personal recipes. The OptiGrill […]

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