Pappy’s Smokehouse – Original BBQ Sauce (5/5)

A friend got back from St Louis and brought a bottle of sauce with him that looked like it was straight out of the TV show Lost – a Dharma project BBQ sauce with black lettering on a white label.  The bottle came from a popular BBQ joint you may have heard of called Pappy’s Smokehouse – which has received several television spotlights in recent years such as Man vs Food & Food Feuds – to name a couple.

When a sauce comes from a popular BBQ place, I find it’s either awful or incredible. When they throw a label on something just so they can sell some sauce and make some money, it’s awful.  When they sell the actual sauce they are using every single day, then it’s great!

This one is special.  The sauce scores high in most categories and two magic ingredients that I believe are the keys to this saucess story: 1) apple jelly and 2) soy sauce solids.  I’ve made my own concoction out of BBQ sauce and soy sauce (mixed with maple syrup) for the most incredible sticky sauce I’ve ever had.  Pappy’s reminded me why I liked soy sauce and BBQ sauce mixed.

Remember learning about your taste buds?     You’ve got Sweet, Bitter, Salty, and Sour (and later they added Savory or Umami). This sauce hits you on all levels (except for the Bitter – nothing bitter here).  It’s a little tangy and you can taste some pepper but the mixture is just… different. It’s really hard to explain.

The white label on the glass bottle is simple and all that’s needed – the name of the sauce, the ingredients, and the nutrition information.  Nice picture of it over here.

Apologies for the lack of typical pictures on this one, as it had been stuck in my blog software for about a year and only now did I realize it didn’t actually publish.  Better late than never.

Please go try this sauce, and let me know what you think!

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  1. OMG! A friend just brought back and gave me one of each of Pappy’s sauces. They’re waiting in the tasting queue, I might have to bring them to the front.

  2. Anson – you gotta go for it, it’s really something special.

  3. Pappy’s is top notch bbq and top notch bbq sauce…a must stop for anyone visiting the St. Louis area…but get there early because the line gets long fast and the food doesn’t always make it to the end of “lunch” time

  4. I’ve tried this sauce and thought it was terrible. As a matter of fact I took one taste and threw the rest in the garbage can. It tasted like a paste and the texture was just wrong.

  5. I liked the sauce, and I detected strong hints of molasses. Were my tastebuds wrong?

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