Phil’s Dream Pit Sweet Fire BBQ Sauce (4/5)

Phil’s sauces come from Phil, the owner of Phil’s Dream Pit in Kingsport TN and this sauce is a spicier rendition of their Original Sweet Sauce.

Like the name implies, the sauce balances sweet and spice.  The sweet component is a fairly standard KC style flavor that is strongly reminiscent of a spiced ketchup with extra vinegar and sweetener (both corn syrup and honey are used) and spices.  The result is a sweet yet mild, sticky concoction that glazed chicken very well and would go great with pork too.  Pig candy anyone?  I found the honey aftertaste to be a bit of a surprise – nice in the end, but could have been described on the label upfront as to set the right expectation.

The sauce provides much of the same flavors found in the original but adds the taste and heat from habanero peppers (spicy, but not too strong – less spicy than tabasco sauce). The extra depth of flavor and the heat take the sauce to new level worthy of putting on anyone’s gotta try it list.


  • A different smooth, sweet, spicy overall flavor (but not too hot)
  • Good consistency and stick to meat
  • Honey aftertaste – nice once you get used to it


  • Ingredients – not all natural, has corn sweetener instead of real sugars
  • Honey aftertaste – this was a blessing and curse because it caught me offguard
  • Bottle/label doesn’t capture the flavor of contents well – would focus on honey/habanero – maybe call it “Honey Fire

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