Pimp Slappin BBQ Sauce

Really, really sweet like candy BBQ sauce.  Really, really thin like a marinade.  But on the right day, this makes a fine candy-like chicken – just think “sweet and sour pork” without the pork or the sour (and with some chicken added).  It holds surprisingly well to the chicken… and it may not become a household name anytime soon, but this makes a great gift for any BBQ’er with a sense of humor and a penchant for loud rap music.  It’s not spicy at all, so I’m not not sure how that made it on the label – maybe the pimp did it!

Website: psbbq.com

Site Editor, BBQ Sauce Lover, Family Guy, Hi Tech Marketer by Day. He recently wrote the Ebook “How to Market Your BBQ Sauce” which can be purchased on this site.


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