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For this week’s review I was sent the Cook-Air Starter Kit from Alain Dubois at Cata Marketing Inc.

The Cook-Air is a portable wood burning grill constructed of 304 stainless steel and weighs in at 17 lbs. The base of the grill always stays cool, so the entire unit can be set on a tabletop without worry of damage to it. The base also has rubber feet so it won’t slide around.

Items included in the starter kit are a cleaning brush, tongs, 120-volt electrical adapter, 12-volt car adapter, cooking grid handle, a retractable warming rack, a carry bag, as well as a bag of wood pucks and a fire starter pack. The wood pucks that are included are made of 100% natural non-resinous wood and the fire starters are made of 100% natural, biodegradable, waterproof strips.

The Cook-Air Grill runs on a combination of wood fire and a five-speed electric fan which helps to accelerate the fire in the combustion chamber so the grill reaches temperatures of up to 1100 °F (Great for searing meat).

Buttons on the front base of the grill control the on and off of the fan. The up and down arrows allow you to adjust the heat level of the fan from 1 which is the lowest speed to 5 which is the highest. Level 1 is sufficient for lighter, more delicate foods like fish and level 5 is good for searing meat like steaks.

For this review I plugged the Cook-Air Grill into an outside outlet with the included 120-volt electrical adapter. I decided to grill some steaks for the first cook.

The first thing I did was remove the lid and insert the handle into one of the four slots on the cooking grid and then removed the grid to be able to access the combustion chamber.

Then I placed a strip of folded fire starter paper into the bottom of the combustion chamber and lit it with a long handled lighter. A ball of crumpled newspaper can also be used if you don’t have any fire starters. (Make sure to never use lighter fluid or any other flammable liquids with your Cook-Air.)

Once the fire starter paper was well ignited I used the tongs to carefully place one of the included wood pucks on top of the lit fire starter paper inside the combustion chamber. (Any wood chunks can be used with this grill.) Then using the control buttons I turned on the fan and set it to level 1 (low).

I then placed the cooking grid back into place and after 30 to 45 seconds I set the fan speed to level 5 (high).

After about 4-5 minutes I dropped the fan level down to 4 and placed the steaks on the grill rub side down. The grill lid always remains off the grill while the fan is running. When your food is almost fully cooked you can use the lid to give it a little more smoke flavor. Do this for no more then 5-7 minutes with the fan off.

Once I flipped the steaks and grilled them to our preferred doneness (about 3-4 minutes each side), it was time to take them off the grill to eat. I also set the fan speed to level 2 to let the remaining fuel residue burn off safely. Once that was done the grill cooled off pretty fast.

For my next cook on the Cook-Air Grill I decided on grilling some BBQ boneless chicken breasts.

I followed all the same steps as mentioned above and then set the speed of the fan to level 3.

Then I placed the chicken on and started grilling.

Once the chicken was almost finished cooking I lathered the boneless breasts with BBQ sauce.

After they were done cooking (about 8 minutes) I removed them from the grill and brought them into the house to eat.

Final Thoughts

The Cook-Air Grill was a very easy grill to use and the meat from both cooks turned out perfectly. I was also extremely happy with the ease of cleanup at the end of both cooks. As you can see in the picture below there was very little ash left to clean out.

With a clean combustion technology the Cook-Air Grill burns 99.6% of its gases, so it’s a very Eco-Friendly grill.

Weighing in at 17 lbs. and with its included carry bag, it’s a very easy grill to transport to a tailgate party or to the park. Plus it can run on 8 D-batteries (batteries last up to 20 hours with the fan on high and even longer on low) or a 12-volt car adapter, which is perfect for when you’re on the go.

The Cook-Air Grill has a 14 inch diameter cooking grid and a retractable warming rack. This will give you plenty of cooking space for your food.

The Cook-Air Grill also just won Tailgater Monthly’s BEST IN PORTABLE GRILL at the 2012 National Hardware Show in Las Vegas, so if you’re someone who enjoys tailgating a lot, this may be the perfect grill for you!

The Cook-Air Grill is made in China and comes with a 1 year limited warranty.

You can find a great deal on the Cook-Air Grill here.

For more information on the Cook-Air Grill please visit their Facebook & Twitter pages as well as their Website.

Make sure to check back soon for another great BBQ Tools & Tech Review!

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