Fire Wire Flexible Grilling Skewer

For this week’s review I was sent a set of Fire Wire Flexible Grilling Skewers and a heavy duty marinating bag from Sara Williams from Fire Wire.

The Fire Wire is a 100% stainless steel flexible grilling skewer. It is dishwasher-safe and won’t rust.

After opening the skewers I was all set to put on the vegetables and meat.

One thing I noticed right away is that these skewers can hold more than twice the amount of food as the skewers that I am used to using.

It was also very easy to pass the tip of the skewer through the vegetables and meat.

Once all the vegetables and meat were on both Fire Wire skewers it was time to place them in the marinating bag.

After letting the vegetables and meat marinade for 20 minutes it was time to fire-up the grill.

Once the grill was up to temperature, I thread the tip of the skewer through the loop to form a circle out of the food. I left the tips inside the grill until it reached 180 degrees for sanitation. After that temperature was reached I removed the hot tips from the grill and let them hang outside it as you can see in the picture above.

When the food was ready to be flipped I grabbed the tip of each skewer and rotated them and placed them back on the grill.

Once the food was done grilling I brought out a plate and picked the skewers up by the tip and placed them on the plate to bring back in the house to eat.

I left the Fire Wire skewers sit for 2 minutes so the wires could come to room temperature. Then I picked up each skewer by the looped end and slid the cooked food down the length of the skewer and onto the plate. Then it was time to eat.

Final Thoughts

I was pretty happy with how well the Fire Wire skewers worked. I liked how easy it was to pick up the tip of the wires to rotate the food on the grill. The flexible cable also allows you to effectively use the space you have on your grill and worked out really nice on the small grill I used.

Also, like I mentioned above the Fire Wire skewers hold a lot more food then a regular skewer. I didn’t even have the skewers completely full and there was enough food on them for 4 adults. This works out really nice for my family since there are only 3 of us and I can get away with using only 1 skewer.

The marinating bag was nice, but I would save your money and just buy a box of cheap heavy duty bags at your local grocery store.

You can find a great deal on the Fire Wire skewers here.

For more information on the Fire Wire Flexible Grilling Skewer please visit their Website.

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Make sure to check back next week for another great BBQ Tools & Tech Review!

Jay Prince

BBQ Tools & Tech Reviewer @


  1. Another great review Jay. Heavy metal!! I love how much stuff you jammed on there. Thanks a lot , now I’m hungry.

    • Thanks Brian! It was crazy how much food those Fire Wire skewers hold. I was ready to grill some more after looking at the pics again lol….it was some really good food too!

  2. Jeremiah Johnson says

    I got a set of these for Christmas from the wife and love using them myself. To me the best part was the space saving it allows will grilling other things. Also you can hang them in a smoker with smaller cuts of meet and veg’s. Let the Smoke Shine my friend!

    • Thanks for leaving a comment Jeremiah! I never thought about hanging them in a smoker. That’s a really great idea. I will have to try that next time for sure. Thanks again for that suggestion!


  3. Kevin Byrd says

    My mom in law got me some of these out of the Avon book of all places and I love these things. I have always made a lot of kabobs and these things are so easy and makes grilling kabobs lot easier without all the items falling off. Highly recommend.

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