Seeking the Following BBQ Sauce Brands (help)

I cannot locate these near me. If anyone can provide me a tip or better yet, send me a sample, I would greatly appreciate it.

BBQ Sauce from Hell, Bono’s Original Hot, Bono’s Original Mild, Bono’s Original Red, Bono’s Sweet & Tangy, Candy Ass BBQ Sauce, Dad’s Turn to Cook Hickory BBQ Sauce, Fat Bastard Bear Bite, Fat Bastard Hawgwash, Fat Bastard Wild Boar, Heffys Hot & Spicy, Heffys Original, Hickory House Bold & Spicy, Hickory House Original, Holy Smoke BBQ, Mama Hairston’s Sweet & Hot, Mama Hairston’s Sweet & Tangy, Mama Hairston’s Sweet & Warm, Roadhouse Hot & Spicy, Roadhouse Original Recipe, Roadhouse Southwest, Rufus Teague Blazin’ Hot, Rufus Teague Honey Sweet, Rufus Teague Touch O’ Heat, Smokin’ Moe’s Smokin’ BBQ Sauce, Whoop Ass Chipotle BBQ Sauce

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  1. You can find all of the Rufus Teagues sauces at whole foods (and a suprisingly wide selection of other sauces). Just had the rufus blazin hot – very good and extremely hot, I dont think I will be able to taste anything for a week.

  2. Steve – thanks. It’s now settled. We are going to Whole Foods this weekend. 🙂

    There’s one fairly close… but not close enough for us to be regulars. That might have to change once I see their sauce selection.

  3. You can find Mama Hairston’s at I also know they will be at the Great American Memorial day weekend.


  4. Their web site is online now and you can purchase them direct

    (Fat Bastard, Holy Smoke, and Drop Dead Delicious Brands)

  5. Has anyone tried Ubon’s BBQ from Yazoo City Mississippi. The daughter (Mississippi BBQ Queen) recently made partner with her Dad in the family restraunt Ubon’s and NPR did a radio show about them. Here is a link: Good story. They are one of the most awarded BBQs in America.

  6. andy brown says:

    is there a compitation for bbq sauces?

  7. EgyptianBeBop says:

    Jazz legend Miles Davis said in his autobiography that when growing up in East St.Louis, IL , he used to deliver papers for ‘the best barbecue man in East St. Louis ‘, Ole Man Piggease, whose ‘…barbecue sauce was just outta sight…nobody made barbecue sauce like Mr. Ole Man Piggease; then , or now…”, which in turn made me wonder, if anyone knows if Ole Man’s recipe or legacy has surviveed in East St. Louis, and what are the top places in town to enjoy great barbecue -chicken ,ribs, shrimp, etc.. AND some killin’ BBQ sauce on the side. Peace.

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