Stubbs Signature BBQ Sauce (4/5)

It tastes like a hybrid between a KC style BBQ sauce and a vinegar based sauce.  It’s got great ingredients, a touch of heat, and a tangy flavor that people love. It’s a thin all-natural blend that provides a lot of flavor.  And as long as you are expecting the tangier-than-usual-bbq-sauce flavor of Stubbs, you’ll be OK (it’s more Open Pit than it is KC Masterpiece).  If you prefer tangy/vinegary sauces and if you live in Texas (it’s only available in Texas Costco’s), then you should love this.  If you are a big fan of the sweet thick KC style sauces like Sweet Baby Ray’s then you should seek alternatives.

Smell/Aroma                    4
Consistency                       4
Ingredients                        5
Before Cooking Flavor    4
After Cooking Flavor      4
Marketing/Packaging     5

You can buy Stubbs over here!

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  1. sylvia ewing says

    What is the shelf life of a bottle bought at Costco last year

  2. Great, can’t wait to try it!! You did get a bit of info wrong though… I live in northern Ohio (cant be any further north actually, im on the lake) and I found this in my local grocery store. It may be that they only distribute to smaller stores around the nation, because I have yet to see it at Walmart, but if you want to try it I’d look first before ordering it online.

  3. I bought this sauce a few days ago and its definitely nowhere near as amazing as sweet baby ray’s…i personally did not like it, it had a funky after taste…i would not recommend this sauce…stick to sweet bay ray’s, it’s just the best!

  4. Fuck up Jackie you stupid cunt

    • THANK YOU–it needed to be said. I like Baby Ray’s, but too sweet and more preservatives. Stubbs—MMMMMM good!

  5. GarlicBreathYourFace says

    Thin, Tangy, not Sweet, a little spice kick?If you like that sort of sauce, you will like this, it is good at that. I like a sweeter style sauce, so Stubbs ain’t really for me. It’s better than bullshit though.

  6. Bought the Stubbs Sweet Heat BBQ Sauce. It’s very good. Even my girlfriend liked it and she is picky.

  7. With a brotha looking like that, it’s got to be good!

  8. Just tried the Stubbs Signature Bar-B-Q Sauce. Amazing, the best we’ve tried. Can’t wait to try the rest of the range.

  9. David Hitchen says

    I love this sauce because it’s tangy, a little peppery, and not too sweet. Great for beef, chicken, and pory.

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