Sweet Baby Rays Barbecue Sauce (4/5)



This sauce is like a mixture of candy and BBQ Sauce.  At KCBS Certified BBQ Judging class, I met a guy named Don who “cuts” Sweet Baby Ray’s with Dinosaur BBQ Sauce in order to lower the sweets level… and it makes sense – it is super sweet. If you’ve never had the sauce, you’ve got to try it. 

Although it’s heavy on the sugars and HFCS it is an even flavor, super-sticky, smoothly sweet, with no negative aftertaste or vinegar aftertaste whatsoever.  A very plain, safe sauce for everyone.  It’s the mass market product of choice for quite a few people.  Minor points off for what comes with “typical” mass production – cheaper ingredients, HFCS, preservatives, but it’s hard to find any other brand that tastes this good, selling for so little.

Smell – 4
Taste – 4
Consistency – 5
Ingredients – 3
Label and Marketing – 3


High Fructose Corn Syrup, Distilled Vinegar, Tomato Paste, Modified Food Starch, Contains less than 2% of: Salt, Pineapple Juice, Natural Smoke Flavor, Spices, Caramel, Color, Sodium Benzoate as a Preservative, Molasses, Corn Syrup, Dried Garlic, Sugar, Tamarind Natural Flavor.



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  1. sweet baby a nice sauce 4 us all who love sweet bbq. nice to cut with.
    common tho. but I like

  2. It has modified food starch which is NOT gluten free. Sorry……..

  3. Soapboxpreacher says

    High fructose corn syrup…not my favorite but I dont hate it either. But Sodium benzate??? Please!

  4. SWEET! Good sauce. The original flavor is the best.Better on ribs than chicken.

  5. Beth Ott says

    The Sweet Baby Rays Co. has confirmed that ALL of their barbecue sauces are gluten free. The food starch is corn starch they have said. I eat their sauces all of the time and I am on a GF diet.

  6. larry wrona says

    We have a grandson that needs a bbq sauce that doesn’t have mustard in it,and gluten free/thanks for your apply ahead of time. also can’t have ketchup either. he has 101 allergies. thanks larry wrona at wronalarry@yahoo.com

  7. I ate the sauce and got sick. I’ve read from other people with gluten problems that they had the same experience. I believe the company, but there is something in this sauce that does bother people with gluten issues. Just be careful.

  8. I think this sauce is terrible. Kraft bbq sauce is a lot better. I dont like the taste of baby rays.

  9. bottle of chemicals and sugar…

  10. Chemicals and sugar. I lot of sugar. Of course a sauce with sugar and high fructose corn syrup is going to be amazing! It’s a sauce! And good ole natural wood flavor and natural flavor. Do some research on that and you’ll see that it’s disguised as something horrible for you. There are genetically modified organisms in it that are proven to hurt our health but its still the number 1 BBQ in America cause of it tastes good it must be good right? And they couldn’t get that big of a company selling horrible things could they???? Lmao people are so dumb and naive. That’s why we are going down the crapper

  11. Rhonda Weekes says

    The best I have ever tasted. Love it,love it, love it.

  12. Tawnie Nagle says

    Don ‘t try the cola bq my family talked about for days tasted bubbly who picked that flavor we laughed for days we tried it on chicken baked beans no no no!!!

  13. I’ve loved this stuff for years. For everyone complaining about how sweet it is, I guess I don’t care since I have a sweet tooth lol

  14. Peggy Lintzenich says

    need to know if the spices in Sweet Baby Ray’s original BBQ sauce include cumin….I am terribly allergiv & can cause vomitting & diarrhea. DOES THE SPICE CONTAIN CUMIN????

  15. Got bored with the same BBQ sauces so i decided to try Sweet Baby Ray’s and I’m glad i did because i love it.

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