36 WINNERS: Country Chef Grilling Sauce

Country Chef BBQ Sauce

Mike Espey is not joking around about his COUNTRY CHEF GRILLING SAUCE.   He recently renamed it from BBQ Sauce to Grilling Sauce, changed the label, got a nice write-up from “Yes You Can Grill” aka Cyndi Allison, GrillingWithRich, and Big Wayner, and he’s also working with us at BBQ Sauce Reviews to give away 36 bottles of sauce to 36 lucky winners.

Say Whaaat?

Yes, this is a huge giveaway, with the best odds for scoring some free sauce that I’ve ever offered on the site.  Can you tell I’m excited…

Wow!!   How do I win?

You must complete both of the following 2 items:

  1. Like Country Chef Grilling Sauce on Facebook  (link) and mention BBQ Sauce Reviews sent you!  Then
  2. Comment on this blog post – tell us which of his 6 flavors you’d try: Original, Sweet & Spicy, Hickory Smoke, Honey, Chipotle, and Mustard and what you’d put it on.

Optional but appreciated – please mention this giveaway on your own Facebook page, blog, or twitter account!

That’s it?

Yes, that’s it.  No credit card scams, no trial offers, no BS!

Rules and Guidelines

  • US only, winners announced on blog, random # generator used to pick winners.
  • Contest Starts Friday 7/15 and Ends Monday 7/18 2pm EST!   Winners announced Monday night.

Good luck!!



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  1. Bring it.

  2. Sweet & Spicy, all day!

  3. I would put the Chipotle Grilling Sauce on some Berkshire pork chops.

  4. I also recently tried out two of his sauces. Good stuff!!


  5. Jason Prince says

    I would love to try COUNTRY CHEF GRILLING SAUCE Mustard 🙂

  6. I would like to try the Sweet & Spicy on smoked porch chops.

    I posted on Country Chef’s FB Wall (SusanBenegas)

  7. Tony Tabares says

    I’d try the Sweet & Spicy on my smoked spare ribs. Cause I love my ribs Sweet & Spicy.

  8. Buddy McCallister says

    Mmmm. Let’s try some chipotle sauce!

  9. Bob Shields says

    sure would luv some sweet and spicy
    or whatever you want to send

  10. Paula Cull says

    Sweet and Spicy on a slow-smoked beef brisket!!!

  11. Hickory Smoke for some carnitas tacos

  12. I think I would like to try the hickory smoked on a smoked roast. 🙂 Look forward to trying it 🙂

  13. I’ve been looking for the perfect sauce for my tastes and have tried dozens of products. It seems that Sweet and Spicy plays into the direction that I am looking for. Hopefully, I will get to taste your product. I look forward to it.

  14. Troy Wells says

    Id love to try the mustard sauce! 🙂

  15. Chipotle for me and id love to try some of it on some grilled sweet corn

  16. Derek Garcia says

    I’d love to try the honey or chipotle sauce.

  17. Hugh moriarty says

    Sweet and spicy. Oh yeah!

  18. Christoopher sorel says

    Sweet & Spicy, Hickory Smoke, Honey sound great and hard to choose one. Biut swett and spicy then

  19. The better question is which one I wouldn’t not like. Mustard is the only flavor I’m not overly fond of. Sweet & Spicy or Original might be the best. I’m thinking of some nice BBQ chicken

  20. jared hatfield says

    Hickory Smoke would be so awsome to try.

  21. Edie Allen says

    I’ll try the Sweet and Spicy, the Chipotle, and the original, on ribs, tri tip, and salmon! Thank you!!

  22. MirandaJune says

    Sweet and Spicy sounds awesome!

  23. Sweet and spicy and on a pork tenderloin and some wings. YUM!

  24. Justin Mihm says

    They all look so good.

  25. I would like to try the original on some chicken. I have my fingers crossed.

  26. Nicole Craig says

    Mustard and i’d try it on chicken 🙂

  27. Mike Peeler says

    Sweet and Spicy or the Honey, both sound good to me.(all of them really)

  28. Todd \\\"Doomer\\\" Dooms says

    I’d love to try the Original on some chicken or pork…let’s see where this whole thing started.

  29. Judd Newcomb says

    I’d love to try the Mustard!

  30. Elaine Bell says

    I’d love to try the sweet and spicy grilling sauce. I just organized my freezer and it looks like I’ll be grilling Country Style Pork Ribs real soon. Thanks.

  31. Robert Cox says

    Would love to try the Hickory Smoke.

  32. Pamela Craig says

    I would like to try the Original Sauce. Because being original is the best!

  33. Julie Kirkwood says

    I would love to try the chipotle on some chicken on my Big Green Egg and hit it with some hickory wood chunks for a nice smokey flavor.

  34. kyle maker says

    One of the great things of life – trying new sauce! While having Country Chef in my current 554 bottle collection, it is not the same one. I would give it a place of honor on my tastebuds and the wall!

  35. Richard Powell says

    I would try the the sweet and spicy for sure, always love the sweet and spicy

  36. Love to try the Original or Sweet and Spicy on some pulled pork.

  37. Would love to try your sauce! Just built a new deck bought a new grill and look forward to cooking up a storm this summer. Can’t beat baby backs on a summer night!

  38. James Purcell says

    First choice, Mustard, second choice original, third choice sweet and spicy! What I’d use it for depends on what sauce I won 🙂

  39. The honey sauce on some burgers or country ham is making me hungry.

  40. John Adams says

    I would love to try some Hickory Smoke sauce, on my chicken and my Beef ribs.

  41. Jacque Hubbard says

    I, for one, would like to try each and every ONE of them! Sharing on my Facebook wall, too!! Thanks for a chance to try this sauce!

  42. Zach Darrow says

    Chipotle Grilling Sauce on RIBS!!! Sounds Good!

  43. Well, IF I had the sauce this weekend I’d use it on the rack of ribs I’m smoking tomorrow. As it is, I’ll just have to smoke some more when I receive the MUSTARD sauce I am destined to win.

  44. I would love to try SWEET & SPICY on some chicken wings! I’m starting to get hungry 🙂

  45. Christina Olsen says

    That Mustard sauce would go great with a smoked Boston Butt!

  46. Jennifer says

    I would love to use the honey sauce on some delicious grilled chicken. I think it would taste fabulous.

  47. William S. says

    I’d like to try them all, but I’d pick original on some country style pork ribs to start.

  48. brenda gibbens says

    I would love to try the hickory smoke on some ribs or pulled pork.

  49. I think the sweet and spicy or hickory would be good on some ribs or pork butt.

  50. kevin gibbens says

    I want to win the hickory and try it on the next slab of ribs I grill.

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