36 WINNERS: Country Chef Grilling Sauce

Country Chef BBQ Sauce

Mike Espey is not joking around about his COUNTRY CHEF GRILLING SAUCE.   He recently renamed it from BBQ Sauce to Grilling Sauce, changed the label, got a nice write-up from “Yes You Can Grill” aka Cyndi Allison, GrillingWithRich, and Big Wayner, and he’s also working with us at BBQ Sauce Reviews to give away 36 bottles of sauce to 36 lucky winners.

Say Whaaat?

Yes, this is a huge giveaway, with the best odds for scoring some free sauce that I’ve ever offered on the site.  Can you tell I’m excited…

Wow!!   How do I win?

You must complete both of the following 2 items:

  1. Like Country Chef Grilling Sauce on Facebook  (link) and mention BBQ Sauce Reviews sent you!  Then
  2. Comment on this blog post – tell us which of his 6 flavors you’d try: Original, Sweet & Spicy, Hickory Smoke, Honey, Chipotle, and Mustard and what you’d put it on.

Optional but appreciated – please mention this giveaway on your own Facebook page, blog, or twitter account!

That’s it?

Yes, that’s it.  No credit card scams, no trial offers, no BS!

Rules and Guidelines

  • US only, winners announced on blog, random # generator used to pick winners.
  • Contest Starts Friday 7/15 and Ends Monday 7/18 2pm EST!   Winners announced Monday night.

Good luck!!



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  1. I would like to try the original or hickory on some nicely grilled chicken breast.

  2. I think I’d like to try the chipotle sauce, and I’d use it to make pulled pork.

    MMMMM….chipotle pulled pork…..

  3. Hope to win some mustard sauce. luv to try it on some grilled chicken or pork shoulder samich!!! hope to win. great contest guys!!! sr

  4. Would love to try them all, but I bet the mustard sauce would be amazing on some grilled tofu!!

  5. richard cornett says

    i would love to try the original on some chicken!!!!

  6. All of the flavors (except mustard… I’m not a mustard fan) sound absolutely amazing. I dont think I could pick just one. Yummy!

  7. Caitlin brown says

    I would LOVE to try some Country Chef Grilling Sauce on my pulled pork. mmmmm

  8. Michelle says

    Hmmm…I think I’d like to try the Original flavor. I’m a purist like that 😉

  9. Sweet and Spicy. Got to try me some of that!

  10. Winners Announcement !!

    Wow, a new record for most comments! Congrats to Mike from Country Chef Grilling Sauce.

    If you see your name (as used on the blog comment), please send an EMAIL to Mike Espey at Country Chef (Mike’s email address is “countrychefbbq@yahoo.com”) by Wednesday July 20th with the following information:

    1. Username on blog (see below)
    2. Your Full name
    3. Your home address
    4. Your phone number

    John Ivy #3
    Susitravl #6
    Tony Tabares #7
    Paula Cull #10
    John #11
    Courtney #12
    Todd Doomer Dooms #13
    Arty #14
    Cory L #16
    Jericho #20
    Edie Allen #22
    J #24
    Chilebrown #26
    Nicole Craig #27
    Elaine Bell #30
    Julie Kirkwood #33
    Chad W #36
    Jeff #37
    James Purcell #38
    Austin #39
    John Adams #40
    Zach Darrow #42
    Anson #43
    Irene #44
    Christina Olsen #45
    Jennifer #46
    Brenda Gibbens #48
    William S #47
    Brenda #51
    Marie #52
    Smokinronni halcomb #53
    Rachel #54
    Richard Cornett #55
    Sarah Levy #56
    Caitlin Brown #58
    Michelle #56

    Thanks everyone – good luck next time if you didn’t win.

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