AlbuKirky Seasonings Duke City Sweet 4/5

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AlbuKirky’s Duke City Sweet Barbecue Sauce comes to us from Albuquerque, New Mexico (Albuquerque is sometimes referred to as Duke City).

Outside the Bottle

This sauce has a streamlined, fluted plastic bottle and a professional appearance with a sun logo and some key attributes called out such as No HFCS and All Natural.

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“All natural” can mean a lot of things to different people. For this one, a closer look at the ingredients shows there’s basically “no bad stuff” – meaning it can be served to anyone guilt-free.  All natural ketchup and all natural Worcestershire sauce are included as the baseline ingredients.  Good news.

There’s a lot of good things about the label, but to me it doesn’t stand out as particularly unique or remarkable.

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Inside the Bottle

Whether cooked or uncooked, it tastes great.  The flavor is different from a standard KC Style BBQ sauce like Kraft or Sweet Baby Ray’s and it’s different from a tangy vinegar-flavored sauce like Open Pit or Stubbs.  It’s like a sweet KC style sauce with some interesting extras added.   The flavor itself is not completely new to my tastebuds – it reminds me of a few unique sauces I’ve tried with a little something extra thrown in…  Drapers, Timberfolks, etc.   The flavor combines cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves,  and more and has almost a “festive” flavor.  It has no heat and it’s not spicy, but you could call it “spiced BBQ sauce” with all that is going on inside of it.

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Bottom Line

Overall it’s a high-quality, professional label and has a great flavor.  The only criticisms I’d have to offer is on the outside of the bottle.  The essence of the flavor is a modern mixture and a blast of sophisticated flavors and people sometimes need to be told that.  The approach on the label could also be a little more bold and interesting – after all, Duke City could certainly conjure up royal imagery i.e crowns and fancy jackets and swords, etc.




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