Bar-B-Que Beast Original BBQ Sauce (4/5)


“Feed Your Beast!” says the hairy meatball like figure who is about to stuff his face with a burger or a chicken sandwich. It’s the logo for this fun sauce out of Waynesboro, Pennsylvania.

Outside the Bottle

In general, the outside isn’t pulling me in. I love the sauce name, but the front isn’t shouting BEAST loud enough. I’m thinking something a little scarier, something a little more in your face. When I think of good labels with impact, I go back to hot sauces … I mean 90% of them are bought for the novelty factor alone only to sit on a shelf unopened. Taking some of the lessons from hot sauce labels, I think this sauce could go a little darker. What about the devil with a pitchfork that is holding a rack of ribs? What about a Bigfoot variety of beast? I would say Beauty and the Beast too, but I’m sure the Disney licensing fees you’d have to pay would kill the idea quickly. There is also the Beast Mode kind of idea… you add this to your meat and it kicks up the party into BEAST MODE. I think there is a lot of potential to have more fun with it.

I’m not a huge fan of the meatball guy. Hard to see his eyeballs. Tough to see his mouth. I’m just thinking that a few more brainstorming rounds with the designer could have lander on a more impactful “Feed Your Beast” kind of beast.


Copywriting is good but can probably be boiled down to it’s essence. To me, it’s “sweet from the start, with a kick on the way down.” I like a lot of sauces that fall into that description though. If I may continue the critisicm from the paragraph above, I would say it would be great to tie it back to your beast theme. At first, it’s sweet. Then something happens. Slowly it sneaks up on you. Before you know it you are screaming in pain. Because the bottle is gone. (haha just an idea)

Inside the Bottle

Standard ingredients, not sure what’s in the ketchup. It’s a nice flavor, but the flavor didn’t exactly match expectations as I thought something huge was going to happen.


With that said I liked the smoky, spicy, sweet flavor and enjoyed the subtle lemon hint.

After I grilled some boneless thighs slathered with the Beast, I enjoyed the flavor and consistency although it became a bit milder.


The sauce was very smooth and quite mild yet had enough of a kick to notice it, if you were looking for it.


Bottom Line

There’s just so much potential in this one just because of the great name and the flavor doesn’t get in the way. I recommend a small label makeover first, and then if money were no object I would suggest offering more heat varieties… something like Little Beast, Hot Beast, and Fiery Beast. It was a thought provoking sauce for sure, and I’d love to see and hear what others think about it.



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  1. where can I get this sauce I would like to try it.


    Russell thanks for your interest in our sauce, you can also email me direct at or call 240-217-0475 Tara

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