BBQ Sauce Giveaway: Mad Dog Sampler


I really love sauces that mix the mild with the mysterious, provide the sweet and a special treat, and add  thrill to my grill.  Sorry, I was just watching Captain Curt’s video again, and was caught up in a world of BBQ rhyme.

And if Captain Curt’s sauce represents the Don King of the BBQ sauce industry, then David Ashley’s Mad Dog sauces might be it’s James Taylor, with a fine story to tell and a clean, natural appearance.  If you haven’t tried it, you’re missing out on a critical component of the BBQ sauce world – Mad Dog Sauces.

I reviewed Mad Dog Original back in April (here), and followed that up with Mad Dog Ultra Hot (here) a month later. All natural, high-quality ingredients, excellent stuff …   It seems like every time I turn the page (on the web that is) I see that Mad Dog is winning another award.

Now is your chance to get two bottles for nothin!

Two lucky winners will each receive a two bottle sampler pack of (1) Mad Dog Original and (1) Mad Dog Ultra Hot.

Simple Contest Guidelines

  • Comment on this post about anything – maybe say something nice about the sauce or this blog.  Give me some new business ideas or something!  Whatever!  Just a comment will enter you.
  • Enter a comment below by Sunday August 23rd.
  • Winners will be chosen randomly via the Piper method and announced on Monday August 24th.
  • If you are new to this site, please enter your name in the contests mailing list to be notified of contests in the future.



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  1. Dan Wright says

    Love the site and the info provided.

    I love trying new sauces and have 4 different kind in my fridge right now. There would be no harm in adding two more bottles to my collection!

  2. Sweet and spicy Memphis style sauces are my favorite

  3. I am always looking for new sauces to try and holy crap, Ultra Hot sounds Ultra Good.

  4. I love BBQ sauce, I have frequent BBQ’s with friends so I always need more BBQ sauce. Using just one gets boring, so I use your website to find new BBQ sauces to buy. It’s a relatively unknown website and that kind of agitates me.

  5. New Texas style BBQ joint just opened near the house (great brisket), Martin’s BBQ … i love BBQ sauce

  6. I have gotten my son into BBQ sauces. He is so into it that he has been making BBQ sauce sandwiches.

  7. This site is insane!!! I’ve spent so much on sauces I’m now putting it on ice cream.

  8. Larry Brand says

    I Love BBQSauceReviews simply because it saves me LOT’S of Money !!!. I smoke/BBQ/Grill most every weekend and am always looking to try new suaces. I prefer to try “Recommended” sauces to increase my chances of getting a good one without wasting a lot of MULA……

  9. Wesley Mason says

    Mmmm BBQ. Original Sin….

  10. Someone is going home with some sauce!

    Increase your chances by linking to me from somewhere on the web (anywhere) then post a link in a new comment above. Thanks, Brian

  11. Judd Newcomb says

    This stuff is fantastic! Keep the reviews coming, they have certainly saved my taste buds a few times 🙂

  12. Love the website and love BBQ sauces. One can never have enough in the fridge. I literally buy a new BBQ sauce everytime I go to the store. Everytime I take a trip somewhere I come back with atleast 3-4 different types. Keep up the great work.

  13. This website offers great reviews of BBQ sauces, many i have tried thanks to these opinions. I wondered if you have thought about venturing off into the rub arena, you thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

  14. I love the Mad Dog sauces so much I’ve even bought them on line and paid shipping!

  15. Just came across the site and will be back to check out more of your reviews. My husband is a BBQ fanatic and takes me on BBQ road trips as often as he can. Would love to surprise him with a new sauce to tempt his taste buds.

  16. just recently got into competition bbq and i started doing alot of research came across this site and it has been very helpful in deciding what sauces to use. loved the site so much I linked it to my blog (reluctantly so I could have the site to myself) but figured I would share the wealth.Also I love blue ribbon we go there often.

  17. Matthias Kamasz says

    If I won the Mad Dog sampler, I would pour alllll the sauce in the heating vents of my house because I loooove the smell of Bar B Que Sauce in the morning.

  18. Sandy Griffin says

    I would love to try your BBQ sauce! It sounds wonderful. There is never too many BBQ sauces in my fridge!

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