BBQ Stu’s Gold Barbeque Sauce (4/5)

I liked this strong, sweet-mustard sauce that is enhanced with the kind of fresh peppers that add flavor without the heat.  I’m guessing bell peppers?   The natural ingredients and gluten-free qualities are admirable… and of course the flavor is great but lacks the complexity of some of the other sauces in this category (ie Salt Lick).  I know Stu works his butt off to make sure this sauce is as good as it can be… so please give it a shot.


Sweet mustard (like the kind you’d put on a soft, warm pretzel at the mall) with a peppery kick…


Mustard and pepper and enough sweets to balance it all out.


It could be a little thicker, but it’s not enough to tarnish the score.  It holds onto grillable products quite well.


Select mustard seed, sugar, water, vinegar, fresh peppers, modified food starch, fruit juice for color, tumeric, natural flavors and spices.

Sauce Score: 5


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  1. larry Pusateri says

    Have had this sauce many times and recommend it to all. Kudos to BBQ Stu for making a non-vinegary GLUTEN-FREE sauce.
    Haven’t found anything I can’t put it on!!

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