BBQPHX Barbecue Sauce (4/5)

According to their website, BBQPHX is:

  • Tracy- Head Chef/Mad Scientist
  • Kris Grill (Yes, That’s Her Real Name)- Executive Sous Chef And Chief Sanity Officer
  • Carlile- People’s Choice Whipper-Upper Extraordinaire
  • Kathleen A.K.A. Bunny- Vice Provost Of The Schmooze

It’s a catering company and competition team who loves food and loves barbeque. They first made this sauce back in 2009 when they first started competing and it’s now in production for anyone to enjoy. The skills and talent of these ladies (and the sauce) has led to a successful small business and a few great awards including: Arizona BBQ Festival – 8th place pork shoulder, 3rd place brisket and 5th overall.

The sauce is marketing as “a tomato based sauce kissed with honey, garlic and jalapeno” and it delivers on that premise well. Although I usually prefer simpler, fewer ingredients, this compound sauce has so much flavor and so much going on that is warranted a solid 4.

Some interesting ingredients (butter, jalapeno mustard, apricot jam, maple syrup, apple juice, and chicken broth) all in one sauce… This gives forth a bit of a strange smell to be honest with you, but after trying the sauce for dipping and glazed atop a few pieces of chicken with the neighbors – we agreed it was mighty tasty indeed!  The smoke flavoring is in there so you can grill this with propane and stilll get a bit of that smokey flavor.

Packaging is great – I liked the heat meter on the side… although the heat level of this sauce is quite mild and once cooked the heat pretty much goes away – I’d love to see it cranked up just a bit hotter, or to have a hotter sauce available to try next time.

The big smoker pit-style cooker on the front (looks like a Lang or a Bubba smoker) definitely adds BBQ competition cred – if that’s what you’re going for. For the rest of us backyard grillers and BBQ sauce fanatics – a huge grill doesn’t matter – it’s what’s inside that counts.

And speaking of the inside… the consistency was excellent with lots of specks and natural ingredients moving around.

Ooops looks like I got some of this on my thumb!


Ordering Information:

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  1. Looks yummy (and nice packaging !), I would love to try it 🙂

  2. This truly is an amazing sauce. It’s perfectly balanced and adds a whole new level to your Que. We competed with this sauce this past weekend and took our first Grand Champion.

    It really is that good.

  3. Thanks for the comments Nicolas and Crash.

    Nick – I believe the sauce will be available online soon and the vendor might be open to an offer of a European review.

    Crash – what is the name of your team? Would love to hear about taking home the prize from the event – was it the Up in Smoke event in Hawaii?

    Man,I’d love to get to Hawaii for a BBQ!!

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